• 1.The Rise Of The Queen

    Raven Villarreal is the princess and daughter of king Dominic. He is the king of the royal clan of vampires and they live together in New Orleans. Some clans make war, some fight, others choose to ignore. Dominic and his father before him had a different view on how to handle conflict. Women. They sold the women of their Clan to other Clans in order to prevent war. Raven, being the princess, was always safe. However, she did everything in her power to save the ones being sold off. What happens when the confident princess who never bows her head to anybody is being told to marry another, more powerful vampire? More to the point, what happens when she says no? ~BLURB~ ”You’re brother wants war.” My father looked at Alexander. ” Wait what?” I nearly yelled. Why did he want war? ”Raven.” My father warned with a voice full of hatred. ” Yes. My brother wants war. No with you but with another clan. Unless of course, we can come to some sort of a benefiting agreement. When he succeeds in taking over the clan, you're next.” Alexander said with absolute calm. ”Well we have solutions for those sorts of things.” My father spoke and I knew what he meant. The ’solutions’ were innocent women. ” Yes, I'm aware of you're solutions however my brother is not interested.” ”What do you mean he’s not interested? Then what was the point of this meeting?” My fathers' patience was running thin. ” He isn’t interested in just a woman, we have those, plenty of them actually. He wants one particular woman.” Alexander said as he turned his head towards me. Dream on jackass. ” Ha wants her.”


  • 2.Queen Of Vengeance

    Queen of vengeance is about a young lady named, Khloe Williams, who was formerly known as Katie when her parents were still alive. Since the murder of her parents at age 17, by an unknown murderer, she has been living a life filled with hatred, and anger channeled towards the pain and sorrow that was generated by their sudden death. She has also been living a reckless life alongside her two friends, Annabell and Diana, which she met when she turns 20. Her story could be described as a good girl gone bad. Khloe is a great novelist that shares the dream of her dad, in becoming one of the greatest writers in Europe. With this great quest of hers, she decided to push beyond the limitation of funds that cut the dream of her dad's short. She engaged in all sorts of jobs to rise to the top, with the revenge of her parent's death, in her mind. A one-night stand affair with Mason, grew into a strong love entanglement between both of them. Will these twisted feelings with Mason, hinder her quest for revenge, after finding out who Mason was? Coupled with her coming across with the shock of her life, that might change the card that could be played in her quest for vengeance!


  • 3.Taming the fury God

    August King, a carefree freelancer that like to support those in need with his write ups suddenly died in an explosion. "Sir, are you all right?' He heard a voice that was directed at him but didn't say anything in return because who are you kidding? That wasn't meant for him at all and so he slept back. But when he woke up the second time to see the unfamiliar gazes worried over him, that was when he knew that something was definitely wrong. "Ha..I thought I'd died even without exploring life, not even having a single fun. Although everything in this world seems extraordinarily abnormal and mind blowing, but fortunately, I am still alive and on the safer side too. So, I must utilize it to the fullest" So August had thought as he decided to mess around, jumping from one person to another and anything at all either male or female. Forgetting the fact that he was from another world entirely. But unknown to him, someone else somewhere had set his eyes on August. He was extremely Powerful and dark too.

    Evelyn Obah

  • 4.My Triplet Lovers

    Maya has planned to be the best in her class as she walks into high school but a love at first sight changed everything. She thought it would last, but he had to leave. With a broken heart, she was determined to make him regret that he broke her heart. The day finally came, But what she didn't know was that she'd fall in love again but with his brother, was this the revenge she was waiting for? There's more to come and more secrets to be uncovered. #YA Fiction Writing Contest II

    Mai Mai Luna

  • 5.Broken by the Bully

    **(WARNING : This story contains some triggering content like RAPE and ABUSE. Please read it on your own risk.)** Kizie mayson is an 18-year-old sweet and innocent girl. But she was abused by her parents since childhood. It made her always crave for some love in her life. One day she falls in love with her schools number one bully, which turns into the worst choice for her life. But she doesn't know that god has gifted her with a man who will love her more than anything, and he is the person who can save her from this bully. This stranger can do everything to make her happy. But unfortunately her fate will challenge her, on every turn of the path towards happiness... Will she be able to choose the right person between the bully and the protector or will she suffer her whole life…? Will she be able to fix her broken self and finally get her happily ever after…? Join her story of love and misery... ------------------------------------- Hello friends, please check my other story “Human Hybrid's Twin Mates”. Thank you.

    Pakhi Das

  • 6.The jerk next door

    COMPLETED *** Plase put the story in your library with the heart icon before reading it *** :) :* (Warning: mature content) Mia Banks just moved from Los Angeles to New York with her mother to start a new life after her father died and her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. They need a new environment, but she didn´t know what she got herself into when she meets with her new neighbour, Ryan Collins, who turns out to be a handsome jerk. Unfortunately they go to the same school as well. He bets with his to friends that he will get Mia. Can he win her over after everything he had doen to her? Can she resist his charm? Will he continue the bet after he learns about her past?


  • 7.Angel By Day Devil By Night

    Lerato is a very good-hearted girl but not naive. Her life turns upside down when her father blames her for the accident that caused her mother's death and a chain of tragedies continues as she meets the city's most eligible bachelor Jessie Anderson. She only knows Jessie as the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the country. Let's see what happens when she finds out the truth about Jessie's dark world as the mafia.

    GT Majax

  • 8.Jaded Anchor: The Hunter

    This is the third book of the Jaded Anchor Trilogy. This is a stand alone book, but if you've read the first two then you will get to see your favorites randomly throughout this book. Adira Selene Blakesley is the youngest of the Blakesley siblings, not to mention the only girl. Her life has been much like a soap opera, between all the drama her bothers had caused with their love lives. She had no plans on following in their footsteps. She planned to marry a nice man from a neighboring pack that would strengthen her own pack. She would be the one child who made her father proud. At twenty-one she had her entire future mapped out, that was until she met Theo Bryant. Theo Ansel Bryant was born into a family of wolf hunters. He had been trained his entire life to kill the monsters he believed they were. He had been warned not to fall for the innocence of their human forms. When his family moved to a small town in South Alabama in pursuit of a large wolf pack, Theo knew he would run into a wolf at some point. He hadn’t expected to be enticed by one. From their first unconventional meeting he had been under Adira's spell. The two of them shouldn’t be together, but he couldn’t stop seeing her. It was a dangerous game they were playing. Would it end up destroying them and everything they love?

    Ashlee O Cryer

  • 9.Reapers: Gods of Death

    Aaron Black is a young Reaper who is training to become a strong warrior and join Lord Death's personal warriors in order to keep the underworld safe from those who wish harm to it and its residents. As his powers start to develop more and more he is sought out by powerful being. he finds himself in trouble along with his best friend and the girl that he likes. Now they must keep each other safe and learn how to do it themselves before they are found. Along the way secrets get revealed, discoveries are made and he falls in love. He discovers who he is and what he must do to keep those he loves and to keep himself safe and alive.

    Abril Stubbs


    Abandoned by her parents as an infant, Tyra Smith is raised by her maternal grandmother. She walks on thorns as she endures being in an abusive relationship for the sake of it's financial benefits. She needs his money to take care of her old and sick grandmother but when her controlling and bossy boyfriend nearly kills her, she gets out of the relationship and sadly her grandmother soon dies. She struggles to survive for a while and before she could relish in the little but adequate financial success and independence she obtained by her sweat and tears, she finds herself locked up in a Billionaire's Mansion. Alexander Rothcop is the most cold and heartless man she has ever met but after she learns of his heartbreaking past, she begins to understand why he became the man he is and she makes it a mission to teach him how to love and turn his darkness into light. Will she win or fail?

    Lisa Chauke

  • 11.The Hybrid Prophecy

    Rose is the vampire princess, next in line for the thrown but she has been locked in a castle for her whole life, she has never had anyone to talk to but her friend/guard, one her mother announces that she will choose a mate for Rose to marry it pushes Rose to run away and start to long look for her mate. Jack is abused by his pack and even his own family because they think he does not have a wolf, he has to do all the work for the pack and gets beaten on a daily bases. One day he comes across two vampires in the packs territory, vampires and werewolves are enemies and Jack knows he should kill or turn the two vampires in but there is something about the woman vampire that stops him from harming her. Rose invite Jack on her journey, together they find out the hidden truth about Jack and feelings start to grow between them but they both know its forbidden but what happens when another vampire try's to make Rose his mate and Jack wolf finally comes out and claims Rose as his mate, will the two survive or will they be pulled apart and what will happen when they learn about The Hybrid Prophecy and what it has to do with them.

    Steph Cash

  • 12.Rejecting my mate

    She was the daughter of the Alpha, but when her father was murdered and her Pack taken over, she was demoted to omega. Unable to fight and having to obey the new Alpha and his children, she had an awful childhood. She waited for the moment she turned eighteen so she could leave the Pack, and nothing, not even finding out the Alpha's heir is her True Mate, will stop her from getting back her freedom.

    Akire Somar

  • 13.One Night with the Chief

    “What the hell do you want?” Allison answered directly. “Marry me. Be the wife of the chief. And then I am the only one at the top of you,” Devin said seriously. Allison moaned with Devin and then said, “I don’t want to marry you, Mr. Rogers.” “At the top of me? Press me against his body?” Allison said to herself. Allison was embarrassed, and her face turned red. “You feel good to be dumped?” Devin frowned and then asked ironically. Allison was raged and said coldly, “I was not dumped. But I dumped him.”

    Elk Entertainment

  • 14.The Billionaire and His Abused Sister

    "Do you know why I acquiesced in grandma's behavior and let you live here?" "No man would turn down a free bedmate." ******* Edward's thin, cool eyes fell into her eyes, passing over her flushed cheeks, breaking her heart inch by inch, and she strained her breath, afraid to breathe, afraid to speak. And he enjoyed it. It was as if he could only feel better by abusing her. Edward thought Chloe deserved all of this. He felt that perhaps, from the moment she entered the Lincolns, he should have been wary of her. At the very least, he should be on his guard.

    Elk Entertainment

  • 15.The Fire and the Phoenix

    John, the reluctant Alpha of the Southern Crescent Moon Pack, has met his mate. At least that's what his wolf thinks. John doesn't care what his wolf thinks. John hates his wolf and blames him for the death of his father, the former Alpha. Besides, his mate his a human girl. How could she become Luna of the most powerful pack of werewolves in the southeastern United States? Will this human girl be able to break through John's grief and hate and fulfill her destiny? Or will John remain mateless and alone while his pack withers around him?

    D.E. Leslie