Like vampires and werewolves, demons have a single fated mate in their lifetime. Someone to complete them in every way and make them stronger physically and mentally through the mate bond they share. Even the King of Hell, Lucifer, was gifted by the Almighty with a mate. However, it wasn’t until recently that a seer had came to Lucifer with a vision of his mate, a teenage witch who is quite powerful for being so young. Will Lucifer corrupt her with his dark and demonic ways? Or will she be the one to change him and bring the King of Hell to his knees? All Anna has ever wanted is to live a life like any other teenage witch...go do fun things with her friends, gossip about boys, practice some spells...then suddenly her world is shook by the undeniably handsome and charming force that is Lucifer, the King of Hell. To top it off, he claims that she is his fated mate and that it is her destiny to take her place by his side in Hell as his Queen. As much as she wants to fight whatever the connection is between the two of them, it’s proving to be a futile effort as everything seems to be working out in the Devil’s favor...until he pisses off one of his exes. Join Lucifer and Anna on their journey as they discover new things about themselves, fight countless enemies that threaten their existence, and prepare themselves for their reign as the most powerful couple the four realms has ever seen. ***Book 1 of the Black Rose Society***


  • 2.Golden Rule with a Twist

    "Fall in love in straight. They are the cutest, softest but-" Catalina Jones is an 18 –year old girl in her last year in High School. Catalina Jones is that type of girl that would prefer to be late in class than going to school with not properly combed hair or her visuals not exceeding perfection. Catalina Jones is that type of girl who will always be foreseen as the Queen Bee, well she is. She’s that type of girl that will always be foreseen that's always hanging out in the hallway or locker room, being annoyingly sweet to her boyfriend, either the captain of the men’s basketball team or men’s soccer team. Catalina Jones is that type of girl that will always be foreseen as straight and never ever will fall on girls, but she’s not. Catalina Jones is lesbian and she has the biggest crush since she’s in 5th grade to the captain of the women’s basketball team, Blair Taylor. She never confessed her feelings. She’s been keeping it for years, being satisfied with just staring and admiring her from afar, waiting for Blair to look back on her and notice her presence, but Blair never did. Blair Taylor, who happened to be the coolest girl on the campus, always in a plain shirt, pants, and sneakers, is that type of girl that people will possibly see as lesbian but she’s not. She’s straight and actually has a boyfriend.


  • 3.The Bad Boy's First Love

    Claire Miller moves into her new apartment with her brother, Joe. She was entering high school, and due to the divorce of her parents, Joe decided what was best for her: that was to move away and start a new life because her dad was still alcoholic, and her mom was still mentally disabled. As she entered the high school, new students were welcomed and someone was taken aback by Claire’s beauty. And he was none other than Ace Perez. He was the new student, who was, well, ‘thrown out’ of umpteen number of schools for his behavior. Yup, he was a bully. Will this bully and his supposedly new victim, even fall into the trap of love?


  • 4.The Gentle Witch And Her Fierce Alpha

    Dare To Be A Teen - Meet My Hybrid Girl Serena has always been different to the rest of her family. Born into a family of dark witches, it was always taken for granted that she too would be one. Serena is the complete opposite to her mother and sisters, both in looks and temperament. Her mother and sisters are cruel, twisted and have no compunction in using their magical powers to do evil. Both her sisters Xantha and Stella take after her mother Isadora with their dark black hair and dark brown eyes. Serena however has bright blue eyes and long wavy blonde hair with pale skin. Serena has never been told who her father was and doesn't believe that she shares the same one as her sisters. In fact as time passed she becomes more and more suspicious that her father is of another race entirely as latent abilities awaken within her. Believing Serena to be nothing but a disappointment as she shows no signs of magical powers and has a sweet and gentle nature, she's forced to be her family's personal servant. But she's harbouring a secret, she does have a power but she's not willing to show or tell her family, lest they try to use her for their own gains, because the power of a light witch surpasses even the most strongest of dark ones, should she choose to wield it. Something that she is not inclined to do at least not until she's forced to in order to save innocents from being hurt. She saves a werewolf in the forest, forgetting about it even if the Alpha wolf no less doesn't. The only thing is this is that Serena looks suspiciously like someone Xavier knows and if he's right then not only is she of mixed bloodline but also the daughter of the King of Alpha's. Watch as Serena allows herself to trust and fall in love, discovering the secrets of her past and what her mother intentionally kept from her.

    Cat Smith

  • 5.Underworld Detective: The rise of an Alpha

    At the end of the first novel, a possibility of goodbyes were left in the wake. Questions of why and how about Eva’s origin were just starting to be answered. In this next part you will learn if the goodbyes shared were true goodbyes to never be seen again or I will find my way back to you. In this next part you will find how Connor and the others have been moving on after Eva’s disappearance. With her disappearance, Connor was forced to get accustomed to this world on his own will. This next part will not only be the rise of alpha but changes of the old rules in the factions.....

    Terren 86

  • 6.Her only Alpha

    Lying here in his arms, I feel safe. My wolf is delighted as she purrs at being close to Adrian. I wriggle free from his grip, but just as I feel I am free, I hear him say... "Where are you off to princess...It's still dark... is everything alright?" "Yes, I just need to go to the bathroom quick." Adrian always makes me feel safe... but he never allows me to feel free. I feel trapped by him. He rolls over and falls asleep again in an instant. This is my chance! No!... He is our Alpha! my wolf beggs I know he is, but I would be his Luna or his escapee... never his captive. I say decidedly I grab my phone, and slip on my joggers... Sneaking towards the concealed door I had used before... I take another deep breath. Don't leave me now. I need you. I ask my wolf. But she remains silent. Gently closing the door behind me, I start to run. I find myself running towards the clearing where the festival was held less than a week ago... in a sense I was running from Adrian and towards him at the same time, as I am drawn to the place where I first met him. Do you think I am making a mistake? Yes, without a doubt. She answers in short. I ran past the tall trees surrounding his mansion, leaped over the dirt road we drove on, over boulders and furrows until I reached it... I stop in my tracks, falling to my knees in the sand crying... but then I stop crying instantly as I feel eyes on me. Then, walking out from under the cover of the trees I see him... in his hand a hunting rifle.

    Jenni G

  • 7.Vixen Second Chances

    The second part of Noelle’s incredible story is here! Alpha Atlas was known as a fierce and dreadful lycan by their neighbourhood packs. Their history go back to centuries when the pack used to fight demons and made alliances with vampires. But their Alphas have been cursed... Ever since they killed the vampire Queen back in the 13th century none of their Alphas found his mate. They all ended up with a chosen mate and even if their lives were happy, they never felt complete... This destiny waited for Atlas as well until one day he found his mate Dianne. Atlas didn't care about her being an Omega, he was simply happy to have her, but before they could've been together Dianne rejected him for another wolf. Atlas killed them both, he started to wander to hide from the pain and the destiny waiting for him. One day he stumbled into a rare looking fox and started to chase her until a scent hit his nose and the ray of hope shined in front of him. Noelle lived her life the way she wanted since she was a child. No strings attached and travelling only because she wanted to. On her journey in Greece she felt a sudden urge to shift and while she was running in the woods she felt danger. Her appearance changed into what she truly was and she found herself staring at a large wolf. Their eyes locked and his glance sent a shiver down her spine...


  • 8.The Billionaire's Wife

    Fall For A Billionaire - Billionaire Romantic- Suspense Writing Contest Ava Clifford, a lady with Extraordinary beauty was every guy's dream in Manhattan, being pretty without money is considered nothing in her city and the only way to survive was working as a stripper at the biggest and richest strip club in Manhattan. Ryder Fernandez, a freaking billionaire with Intimidating Handsomeness was always the main talks of every lady but he was a player. Ava is caught up with Ryder in the Purple Wall at the strip club, he knows her to be the daughter of his Debtors which she knows nothing about... Read further to find out what happened in the series of A WIFE FOR THE BILLIONAIRE.


  • 9.Lost in her Blue orbs

    Sasha,18 years beautiful bold and charming high school student,living a happy life with her parents.Her life was perfect,until Sasha finds Jax (boyfriend)cheating on her with Emily(her bestfriend). She plans to take revenge on them by making the badboy Tylor Huntsman as her boyfirend.Jax hates Ty,and Emily was rejected by him So it would be the perfect revenge. The school was consist of human as well as werewolves.Humans dont know werewolves existence. Tylor is the perfect badboy,arrogant ,possesive,dominant and hot af. He is the future alpha of the pack,and he needed a strong mate as his Luna,for that he thinks Esther the best female warrior in his pack will be suitable.But the mood godess had another plans that she gave Sasha,a human as his mate.He wanted to reject her. Sasha wants Ty as a fake boyfriend for her revenge where as Ty wanted to ignore the attraction towards Sasha and reject her. But for some reason,he wanted to be near her for the time being so he agrees to her request.Will they able to deny the unseen attraction for each other..?? Esther wants Ty as her mate,and Jax comes back with an apology to Sasha, Who will win in this game...?? What will happen when Ty fall for Sasha even before knowing her true identity?? When the spell breaks and past comes like a tornado,will they be able to fight against it..?? When her true identity is revealed ,she is not a weakling but a hybrid queen, who is going to get the fruit of their karma.. Revenge is like wine,with time it gets stronger and stronger... This is the story of love, intimacy, betrayal, and revenge...So lets go through the life of Sasha Hermengil....

    The Dark Angel

  • 10.Matters of the Heart: King Xavier and Flora

    For 18+ Flora; A smart, kind and loving wolf in Dark Moon Pack, has always lived with an emptiness in her heart, as people looked through her everyday. Her family have been none-existant in her life and the few friends she has are not who they seem. Knowing oneday she will meet her mate and leave this empty chapter behind, Flora sets out to live each day in training to be Beta. King Xavier; A name known across the werewolf kingdom. Not only for being ruthless, brave, extremely handsome and leading with all his might, but also for being the king once fooled because of love. Aged 27, Xavier looked to women with a bitter taste in his mouth after Sarah's deceit. The continous tantics and tricks by she-wolves across the kindgom didnt help his thumping and furious heart. Standing tall with poise, Xavier promised he would never allow his people to see him as weak ever again, even if that means sacrificing his own happiness. What will happen when King Xavier meets his real mate, Flora and has to choose between the punishments of his past and the idea of a brighter future? Will he be able to put aside his need to take revenge on Sarah's actions or will his mate be able to pull him out of his haze? King Xavier, is strong and stubborn, but maybe the bond will be stronger? Read on to find out if Flora has what it takes to capture her King's heart. Matters of the Heart Trilogy: Book One is Matters of the Heart: Xavier and Flora. Book Two is Matters of the Heart: Kyle and Viola. Book Three is Matters of the Heart: Mitch and Gabriella Give them all a read!


  • 11.Matters of the Heart: Kyle and Viola

    After being stuck with his ex-mate in a loveless relationship and after all her illegal involvements, Kyle makes the choice to reject the bond, but this leaves him with an emptiness and depression that takes over his happiness. He decides to move with his father to the Western Territory to help with important medical research. On the day he departs for his new, fresh start, Kyle uncovers that the beautiful and caring she-wolf, Viola is his mate, but before she can realise, he makes the choice to leave her behind in order to fix himself and be a better mate, making the promise to come back for her oneday. Viola, opens the new medical wing and all in her life has exciting prospects, except she can't shake the fact that her mate left her. She knows it has to be someone from the old clinic who left for medical research and waits patiently. What happens when days roll into months and he still doesnt come back for her? Thinking he has forgotten about her, or worse, died, Viola looks to her assistant doctor, Mitch, for comfort. She finds a glimmer of happiness, but at what cost to her wolf? The royal wedding is soon and everyone is excited to see Kyle. What will happen when Viola comes to realise it was her dearest friend who is her mate and that he left her on her birthday? On top of that, he hasn't replied to a message from her in several months and their friendship isn't what it used to be. How will Kyle react to Mitch and Viola? Trilogy Order: 1)Matters of the Heart: Xavier and Flora 2)Matters of the Heart:Kyle and Viola 3)Matters of the Heart:Mitch and Gabriella Give them all a read!


  • 12.Enemie’s Lover

    Nina and her three brothers have been moving all around the world ever since Nina was 8 years old. They never really stayed in one place for too long and never had a place to call home. Nina is a witch and her brothers are warlocks and as far as they knew, they were the last of their kind. Their kind were wiped out during a war between werewolves and other supernatural beings. Witches and warlocks were seen as threat towards other supernatural beings for having magic. Even though witch and warlocks tried to live in peace, all supernaturals seen their magic as a powerful threat. But years pass and now Nina and brothers move to a new peaceful little town that they thought would be a great place to settle down and have a permanent place to call home. Nina and her brothers soon find that the town is not far from the world's largest and strongest werewolf pack known to the supernatural world. Even though Nina and her brothers have been under the radar for years, using magic to hid the scent that gives away their kind. They decide to stay in the town but must be careful not to attract any wolves. However, Nina then discovers that the Alpha of the pack is none other than her mate. Will the Alpha accept her as his gift from the moon goddess when he finds out her blood tie? Will Nina forgive and forget the past and accept Hecate's gift?


  • 13.Revenge for the Sacrifice

    I am very confident that this is not done by him, but some where I feel scared that what if he returns. I really don't understand what to do... Ah..... Relax baby, you will be fine okay. But why, don't you tell about it to Samuel, he loves you so much ? I know, but I feel scared. What if he leaves me, I can't bear that. He is my first love. For the past 1 hour I was waiting for her, but she didn't. I felt very scared, what if Riya, retreats from her promises which she had obliged just few hours ago? -------------------------------------------------- Did you go to the Maldives, just to place a piece of paper? No. It's not a piece of paper, I thought, I will give her my glance to revive her memory, if she revealed her notes. But, she is cunning and acted like innocent and fragile in front of her husband. We both know, how cruel and cunning she is. She has not changed a bit after all the incidents and married a rich guy and you too know the real reason for her so-called true love marriage. Hey, I know you want justice and even me too. But, we need patience, we waited for 2 years and give me some more time. We both will give justice not for us but to everyone. ------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my latest story to unfold many hidden secrets, and unexpected twists. Find who is the culprit and who wants the revenge, for what?

    Arya The Writer

  • 14.POSSESSED: Tainted Love

    Lisa is just a beautiful girl and a sweetheart. She recently finds herself prone to trouble. Trouble follows her around. She falls in love with a very dangerous and Ruthless man. What happens when she finds out the truth about Him. Will she stay leave or stay? Is their love strong enough? Only Fate will decide.


  • 15.Gracie's Dragon

    Gracie lived a very normal and unassuming life. It's her senior year of high school and she thought she had everything under control. Her eighteenth birthday proves differently. Suddenly she can open a portal to a world that is completely unbelievable. Arax has a way of making her believe that the unbelievable is an extraordinary gift.

    Lori W

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