• 1.Some Love to Give

    Girl Power - Chasing Her Apollo ~~~~~Complete~~~~~ No More Love to Give's long-awaited Sequel. "Your body is on fire, Trinity. Are you sure you can stand the heat?" Jeriah whispered into her ear from behind her head. She shifted a little, trying to get some friction between her legs, before letting out a groan of annoyance. Jeriah always made her want him, made her beg for him, so it was her turn. Trinity grabbed the hand he was using to keep her locked beneath him, and turned until she straddled his hips, her body coming to hover over his. He looked up at her in shock, his blue eyes still hazed over with lust, and her hand snaked down his chest to the hard length between his thighs. When she wrapped her fingers around it, he shuddered, his eyes drifting closed for a second before he snapped back to attention. "Trinity, I'm in charge tonight..." He groaned, unable to stop her because of her careful strokes. "... Trin..." This was one thing that never changed in the time she knew him. She could still make him turn into putty with one touch. It was why he always tried to stay in control when they made love, but this was one time she did not want to let him have that control. Trinity wanted to see him as weak in the knees as he often made her. His face contorted as he stared up at her with a pleading ecstasy she felt familiar with. Before she could push him too far, however, he turn the tables and had her pinned beneath him again, her skirt rising to reveal shapely legs. "If you keep driving me crazy, Trin, and making me fall even more for you, I won't be me anymore." He said with his full lips pressing against hers. "I already obsess over you when I shouldn't." ~~~~~~ Jeriah loves her, and is ready to have a future with her. Can they have a normal relationship after being 'friends with benefits' for so long? Trinity is unfamiliar with having a man trip over himself for her the way Jeriah does. He can't seem to keep his hands off her when they're alone. Is it only for sex, or does he really love her?

    Kelly Brackett


    Girl power- Chasing her Apollo writing contest She’s working her way to the top the only way a woman can in this business: by being absolutely ruthless, heartless, and six times as tough as the men. But when one of those men, an underling, begins to soften her heart, she panics. Will she take their relationship off the books? Or take the “safe” path and send him away? Arya Scarlett Whitlock, is the daughter and the only child to the most famous billionaire in New York City, Danson Whitlock and his wife Ruth Whitlock After she is done with college in Seattle, her father wants her to come back home and take over the company and yet she thinks is not ready to take over and lead the company, she feels like she is still fresh and with no idea of how she is going to make it through but she has to fulfil her father's wish so she comes back home in New York to take over the company. Ethan Allen Iverson, an undergraduate working his way into finishing his college, with no parents nor support from anyone, has to work extra hard to earn so that he can afford to finish his college, bumps into an advertisement for a security job in one of the most famous and successful companies in the city, Whitlock HomeSmart Realty LLC company. He decides to try his luck and when he applies for the job, he doesn't for once think that the application is going to change his life for good, torn in between serving his arrogant boss, the most beautiful woman he has ever come across so that he can get enough money to go back to college and quitting his job and going back to hustling in the city, decides to take the risk and the risk lands him to the most beautiful woman, his untamed arrogant boss, and his life luck.

    Pink Barbie

  • 3.Running from the Alpha's Son

    Ember is an orphan. Her parents were killed in a rogue attack. The Alpha and Luna took her in, and cared for her as their own. Their young son, James, hates Ember at first. His feelings change and he protects her, even after learning her secret. Ember will surprise us all.



    Earth is the home of all realms. Humans, Vampires, Demons, and the Heavenly deities all lived in harmony for the past millions of years. Their secret? No one shouldn't cross their limits. However, for those under the intoxicated by love, no words will stop them from letting their hearts chase the ones they want. Even when they said to her, “You disappointed me, Samantha. Archangels, the highest angels and considered as the right hand of the God, were supposed to be the example that both mortals and the supernatural should follow. None of us thought that among all the divine creatures, you, one of the four right hands, will be the one who’ll stoop low to the point that breaking the rules will become your choice.” Or when his father told him, “Earl, this woman is nowhere near a perfect match for you. She’s not the being who’s destined to be your bride for eternity. Why will you go to such extent that you will wage war against all the realms? I have no son that’s a failure, Earl. You are my son and the vampires’ future king. Rethink your decision and follow my command, or else, you will die. Let your father give you the right order for once.” Or even when he heard this, “No demon should feel connections such as love. Jealousy born out of it might drive your anger into its fullest potential, but trying to fight a war you can’t win is a form of blind bravery. Lucifer, son, stop loving an archangel who won’t reciprocate those feelings you shouldn’t have had in the first place. Hell is not a paradise so snap out of your delusions.” None of the three thought about the consequences. And as a result, it was chaos. The archangel wagered everything for the vampire prince. She paid with her life. The vampire prince risked everything for the archangel. He ended up broken. The prince of hell chose to give everything for the archangel. He created his own demise. How can this three have peace when 500 years after they chose to fall for something they failed to protect, they will meet 'her' again? "Please stay, not as Samantha, but as yourself. I’m asking for you to give me life once again. Choose me, Elliana.” " When will you choose me? He’s not the only one who’s willing to wage war and fight the world for you.” "Are you sure that those feelings you have for me, were actually because you fell in love with me, or is it just because you see her within me? I don’t want to end up broken.” A story where the three supreme beings from three different realms were all tied by a single sin: forbidden love.



    "You have to trust me, Betty... just trust me one last time.. I assure you that you will not regret your decision this time", I pleaded to my mate who was now whimpering in pain in front of me. She even didn't allow me to take her hand in mine that broke my heart completely. "How... ca... can I, Kevin? Yo... you broke....... m...me... once", she coughed and held her swollen belly defensively. I immediately put my hand on hers and looked at her with teary eyes. "I admit that I did wrong, Betty... please don't leave me and ... and me the last chance", I pleaded her again. Her eyelids flickered making me panic. "No... no... no... Betty... hold a little bit... baby... please... please for the sake of our child.. please hold a little bit", I was crying now and looked at the doctor who were connecting her with so many wires now.



    Despite she was going to die soon because of her incurable disease, As a virgin, she decided to experience what it meant to be in a relationship. she wanted a man who she would love without being love back in return so that when she dies, she won't leave a heart empty. Even though she knew it was painful not to be loved, she still took the risk. No matter the obstacle Kelly came across, she never gave up on her dream man, despite her illness. she always stood her ground to get what she wanted.

    oguwike oluebube

  • 7.Saving my abused mate

    Cara's parents died protecting her, and the Alpha blamed her for it, making her a slave. She is unaware of her real identity and has no hope of escaping her fate, but then a group of alphas hear about her and decide to go investigate if she is related to the True Mate of one of them. Saving her won't be easy, but nothing will stop them from keeping her safe once they find her.

    Akire Somar

  • 8.His Undesired Mate

    Dare To Be A Teen- Meet My Hybrid Girl. (Daily updates):- Witches, werewolves, hybrids, or hunters.. All is just a Fantasy for us now. But is it truly just a story or is there actually a world where they are living secretly? Melania is a regular girl like us, who doesn’t believe that supernaturals really exist. Until one day she discovers the truth when she finds herself mistakenly among them. Not only that, but she also finds that humans are only pets for them to breed their child now. What so more, she is taken by the werewolf king as a pet herself as a sign of mercy? What will she do now? Will she ever be able to escape that world and return home? Will she ever realize that she is not just a human, but something more powerful than them? And who is this king of werewolves, anyway? Why did he take her as a pet or make her feel undesired? Read the full story to know more..

    Pakhi Das

  • 9.The Destined Queen

    Themes: Girl Power- Rebirth of the Heroine "You are the Destined Queen." Neil said, gasping. " What? What are you saying? I am a human being. " I backed away from the damned souls, and looked at Emerson, whose eyes were looking at the blue floor of this DAMNED Castle, which I have come to like. " You are not a human being anymore. " Neil said, softly. Yeah, like that could help me from going into shock. I scoffed. Meet Winter Salvia. She transferred to Reinshart recently. But now she is met with some strange figures. They are called Damned souls. She gets involved with them, and the Damned soul realm. She also gets between a love triangle with her billionaire ex, and another damned soul. After she, her friends, and the damned souls gets through everything together, she finally thinks that she can rest. Now, she is being told that she is The Destined Queen. Join in to see how Winter overcomes everything with her friends, how she is The Destined Queen, and whom does she choose to be with. Because she certainly does not want to hurt any of her precious friends.

    Sparrow Knight

  • 10.Hollow Mate: The Roma Academy

    COMPLETED- Soon to be PTR -Tinsley's POV- Leon and I continue to eat in the cafeteria but at some point, I look up and see Cole walking into the room. His eyes roam the place until they settle on me. He smiles and then starts heading our way. I am now super nervous because this guy is spontaneous. Cole takes a chair in front of me and gets comfortable. "Hey Tin." He gives me a big smile. "Tin?" Leon asks. I narrow my eyes at Cole and I am sure he knows why. He didn't let me get a word in when he kissed my cheek last time and bolted. He smiles knowing exactly what I am thinking. "Oh come on sweet thing. It was just one kiss." He says. "One... kiss?" Leon repeats. I take my fork and point it at him. "You have no permission to do anything like that again... unless I give it to you." He chuckles. "Okay fine. I apologize. But honestly, it's not something I do often to girls I just met. I just... really like you." I lower my fork and start eating because I don't know how to respond to that. But my face does. I feel it heat up. “He kissed you?” Leon asks. And for some reason, I feel like I should be careful because he sounds a bit pissed. “On the cheek.” I say trying to make light of all of it and it really was a light thing. My thoughts stop when Leon is quiet and I feel him scoot closer. Suddenly, his arm goes behind me, over my shoulder but he doesn't touch me. His arm rests on my chair. I feel so small next to him. The guy is so much bigger than me, I feel like I could use him as a blanket. Cole is no different. Cole shifts in his chair in a way that he suddenly looks bigger. (Is he flexing?) He looks at Leon and Leon stares daggers at him. Cole then looks at me with eyes that clearly say "I want you" and I am not sure if it is to get a reaction out of Leon or me. But it's working. I swallow feeling the tensions. The sexual tension between all of us and the angry tension between both of them. Cole then lifts his bottle of water to his lips and while he looks at me, he takes a sip and then winks. My eyes go to Leon's other hand on his lap that starts to turn into a fist. I abruptly get up. "Gotta go. Have stuff to do!" Without looking at them, I take my stuff and leave. (You got to be shitting me. Is this really happening? Two hot guys interested in me?!)

    Norisha May

  • 11.Loving the Necromancer's daughter

    Billionaire Romantic-suspense Arora, daughter of the great necromancer Azakras Paine loves racing and everything else that drives her father mad. Since her mother died when Arora was three years old, everything she's done was never good enough. So why would she agree to an arranged marriage to a man with the worst reputation at university? Dremon Daemonne, well-known bad boy and all-round player has to marry into the right kind of family to save his reputation from total ruin, and as luck would have it, he is intrigued by the one girl who doesn't seem to want anything to do with him. But their marriage might just be the thing he needs to convince her that they belong together. Daily updates to start in December 2021

    Ella Meriwether


    After a decade of captivity in the magic realm, The hybrid Leon finally escapes when the circle if witches-lydia, Shamla and Debbie- defeats Zeli. However instead of going back to his timeline the spell created a wormhole that took him to the year 1823. Leon has to become an imposter prince for Clivestone kingdom to fulfil a prophecy that a prince was going to be their savior during the war of the five lands. Not knowing what he was doing there and how to go back, leon becomes prince Adonis, wins battles single handedly using his abilities. He gives them Hope. His father king Rhode throws a big feast But his vacation is interrupted by the Arrival of Ariella and his mission in 1823 becoming obvious.


  • 13.An Alpha and His Two Mates

    When a werewolf finds their mate, they are bound together by something deeper than themselves. This bond leaves no room for wandering hearts or eyes. What happens when your bond is twisted and there's another?

    G Chroma

  • 14.The Destined Princess and the Hidden Knight

    I am Fleur, a common girl, living in the outskirts of Filia, single daughter of a knight and a dancer. My family was what everyone calls a happy family, and even though we didn't have much, we always had each other and I had a dream, a dream of being a Princess one day. The only mistake I made was to get born as a girl. When Fleur gets a chance to become a princess or a courtesan if possible and be able to have her dancing school, no one is happier than her, but the sudden murder of her Father brings many truths to light, which had been hidden from her all the time. The answers to who her mother was and why her father got killed, haunts Fleur and she is forced to choose a path, which is frowned upon by many, and which would make sure that she would never become a princess again. So will Fleur's drive to revenge take her away from her lifelong dream or will someone from the past bring her back to the light? The Historical story is the second part of the I Am A GIRL Series which would force you to think about the creator of every life, the woman who if she wants she could destroy everything for something she loves.


  • 15.Professor Bryant

    What happens when a young girl falls for her older Professor? Will she fall for her professor? And if so, how will it work out with her being his student? He turned around, and I slightly jumped, hitting my knee on the desk. Everyone turned around to see the noise, and my cheeks turned bright red from all the attention. The professor cleared his throat, moving his gaze from me to the whiteboard behind him.

    Britt L. W.

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