• 1.Till Life Do Us Part

    She is beautiful. She is powerful. She is unstoppable.....the greatest of them all. She is the Empress........the law herself. And she is immortal. But immortality didn't come in only one form.......did it?


  • 2.Ready to Love

    Being in highschool feels like roller coaster. Avery Houston together with her two bestfriends encountered many ups and downs. Like being a crazy fan of a school band, being scolded by the terror teachers, cutting classes, falling inlove, heartbreaks and treasuring the most important key in their highschool life and it's no other than their friendship.


  • 3.Final apocalypse

    A Nigerian girl Named Chioma is having trouble with her parents all because of her little sister Adaego her parents (Especially her mother) thinks Adaego is Good luck, So they treats her like a golden egg, But Chioma isn't in support of her parent, Through All this process she got in contact with an orb on her way to the market that gave her weird tattoos on her skin, months went by but nothing to explain what had happened to her, But unfortunately she finds a forgotten world of slavery with the help of the orb, she was told by a guadian that she is the choosen savour of the world, she got hooked up with their evil, but she finds a way to to tackle their plans with the extraordinary powers the orb gave to her.


  • 4.Joined Paths

    Jack made mistake not once but twice but he isn't giving up this time. Allena was his and he won't give up until she agrees. Allena doesn't want to fall for him again, she is too afraid but he is too hard to resist. Will Jack be able to win her heart over or will they let their past rule their future. It's a continuation of Jack and Allena's love story. The path series 1. Crossed paths. 2. Joined paths

    Mona J

  • 5.A Goddess for an Alpha

    A child alone in the middle of the woods, unaware of what's happened. "Where am I?" the little girls asks herself. Looking around and there's a waterfall not far from where the girl is sitting, but out of the treeline large wolves run up to her and circle her. At first they don't know what to make of the girl, especially a random one in the middle of the woods. She remained sitting there looking at them while they suddenly run back into the forest, but than people walk back out. "Who are you?" the male asks. "My name is Kai or at least I think it is," I said with a shakey voice. The other wolves whisper, "She smells funny." "Where did she come from?" "She looks funny..." The female walked up to her and kneeled down to look her over. She froze for a moment before saying, "Honey she's freezing, but she doesn't seem to be injured. How did you come to be here child?" "I don't know. I have no memory," the girl said looking down wimpering. -------------------------------- The Mystic Lunar are the largest and oldest pack remaining in The American West. It is said they come from the Original Alpha's, the very first werewolves to be created. Each wolf had a good and a bad side and which every one you nuture is the one to come out strongest. These wolves are a strong pack, but there is someone lurking in the shadows ready to take down the pack to destroy this girl. What is she? Human or werewolf? Why was she left with none to care for her? Maybe a certain Alpha will help with that and feel something after waiting so long for what is his......

    Cora Shy

  • 6.You Drive Me Crazy

    I looked at him breathing heavily after our kiss. He approached his lips so they touched my ears and whispered. "You're mine Eva Joan," he whispered. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The story of a high school student and a famous architect who is also her boss... for a while. Jayden Wright is the famous bad boy that enjoys breaking hearts and Eva Joan an innocent high school student that just moved to Paris. When both characters encounter each other, their story begins with conflict but slowly grows into attraction. However, Jayden does not believe in love and does not want to be in a relationship. But what happens when they switch roles? Will they give up and go their separate ways? Will they fight for each other? More importantly... will Jayden believe in love?


  • 7.Treasure In My Heart

    Stephanie tried all she could to save her marriage but end up killing her husband by mistake in order to save her daughter, Ivanita, which makes her get jailed leaving her only daughter in her best friend care. After spending years in jail and returning, Ivanita finds it difficult to reunite with her because she killed her father and is also an ex-covict... Would Stephanie later be accepted by her daughter, Ivanita, despite the fact that she's an ex-covict and can she also overlook her mother's mistake for killing her father in order to protect her?

    Melissa Bloom

  • 8.A Love Worth Fighting For

    Lindsey has always dreamt of true love. Unbeknownst to her, a secret love has been pining for her in the shadows. Silently waiting until her 21st birthday to reveal the truth. Will she be willing to fully accept him? Can she cope discovering a whole new world she never expected from a man who claims to be her soul mate?

    Jubejube Doe

  • 9.Jaguar Moon ; Redemption

    Layla and Axel try and settle into their new lives as Alpha and Fela while learning to control their newfound powers. What happens though, when the they find out almost everything they believed is a lie, and their enemy is not who they think he is? Come along for the continuation of this action-filled story to see how Layla and the colorful cast of characters contend with the news.

    Rhea Lindsey

  • 10.The Gemstone Twins

    Emerald and Sapphire Gemstone are identical twins who discover on their eighteenth birthday not only were they lied to about who they were but who they have been living with their entire lives! As it turns out they both are werewolves forced into a world of magic and shape-shifting after growing up believing their parents were dead and they were raised by "Uncle Timothy" but now they know the truth. Their parents are the King Alpha and Queen Luna who had hidden the two of them in amongst the humans with a distance cousin of their Mothers all in the name of protection. Now they must navigate a world of wolves and the fact they are mated to the Alpha and Beta of their new pack. Can they survive through the trials that lay ahead once the world discovers the Gemstone twins are not only alive but powerful? Read on to find out!

    Gabby Seiler


    Two business rivalries. Two generations to witness it. And one love to suffer in it. ~~~~~ "Why are you dancing with me?" I asked and he smiled, twirling me around. "To know if you can really dance or not." Oh. "So what's your observation?" I asked, raising my brows and his lips curled in a smirk that made my heart to thud loudly. "I'm still discovering." Rolling my eyes, I smiled sarcastically, stretching his arm as we moved in circles. "I hope that I'm really worth the time of your discovery then, Mr. Harris." He chuckled, shaking his head when he pulled me towards him again.


  • 12.Third Time's the Charm

    This is the story of Ava Langdon, a girl who is almost invisible in her elite high school where the rich and the spoilt attend, who got lucky in love the third time. After the betrayal of a close friend, her whole simple life is turned topsy turvy and she swears vengeance. This is her journey from being the girl who always sits in the corner back seat to being the most popular girl at St Lawrence. "First love is the most painful and is a rollercoaster of feelings that you remember all your life because first love is always meant to stay unfulfilled."

    Jessica Rupin

  • 13.The Dragon Kingdom

    There is a kingdom called "The Dragon Kingdom" everyone in that kingdom has magic and they lived by prophecy. No Kingdom has ever won them in battle because, before any battle, prophecy would have revealed it to them. Their power to turn into a dragon vanished into the air, the day their king brought in olive leaf, and plant it into the kingdom because of the death of his only son. And a witch was born later which refused to age and rises all the dead dragon. She becomes powerful that nobody can control her except the one that shares the same birth mark with her.


  • 14.The World beyond

    Mary is a student in high school, she never fitted in anywhere, but when she moves and starts at a brand new high she learns about a whole new world, full of supernatural beings, finally she feels like she belongs somewhere. Watch her as she meets new creatures, finds love and finally finds out why she felt so out of place. Copyright ©️ Deborah D. All rights reserved. This story is signed and published on Dreame and Dreame alone.

    Deborah D.

  • 15.Twist of Destiny

    Wale Johnson is a young handsome man who was born into abject poverty. Tired of his miserable life in the village, he decides to relocate to the city. Unfortunately, he had an accident the first day he gets to the city. He became unconscious and he is taken to the hospital by Chief Williams who is the man that hit him with his car. When Wale regains consciousness at the hospital, he realizes that he has lost his memory and couldn't remember who he is or where he comes from. Chief Williams who is a very wealthy kind-hearted man, decides to take him to his house to live with him till he regains his memory. Wale gets to Chief Williams's mansion and he is amazed by its beauty. Knowing poverty all his life, he feels the mansion is paradise on earth. Chief Williams has two beautiful daughters. The elder daughter Eva is aggressive, self-centered, and ruthless while Venus the younger one is gentle, loving, and gracious. Eva starts a whirlwind romance with Wale that was on the brink of consuming him while Venus was in Canada for her studies. Venus eventually comes back home after her studies and Wale falls hopelessly in love with her. Eva finds out that Wale and her sister are in love. Will the ruthless Eva let him go and leave him for her sister? The battle line is drawn as one person will probably die while someone's life is about to change forever!

    Ray Franklin