Until Death Do Us Apart


Hana Isabella Serne Fantasy

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*Girl Power - Rebirth of The Heroine Contest*

I wore my smile as a bulletproof mask. This is the last weapon I have. I had been robbed of everything else except that, and my mind.

I didn’t plan to marry anyone, at least not in the beginning of my reign. I was supposed to be the queen not a wife. He was the only suitor whom my father had approved.

I have dreamt about this moment my whole life. I desired to change the empire in order to improve it. I tried and tried over again. I was also willing to share my power. I didn’t wish to be like my father and have blood on my hands, but instead of that I will be a poppet in his hands.

They say my husband-to-be is a brute with no heart. He’s the only heir to the male royal bloodline and therefore the best candidate to become my husband. He’s the only one who can tame both me and my power, and my father is aware of that fact.

I had lost and this was the price I had to pay. I had to marry a man, a prince I have never seen before.

Princess Selene should have reigned the whole empire, but now, she has to marry a stranger, and in the very next moment she’s gone.

Few centuries later, a new figure joins the scene. She is no one. Yara Svobodová is an orphan from Eastern Europe, yet she was admitted to the Academy of Lethal Arts. The life there is easy; either you survive or you die. When you have no combat skills, no idea of what’s going on, you’re a plus size and nobody watches your back, then your life might get tough a little. When you finally start puzzling pieces from your past, it might be even worse, because then, the real game begins.


Tags: darkreincarnation/transmigrationforcedshifterdominantprincessbxgsupernature earthweak to strongstubbornStary Writing Academy III
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