• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.The sound of the Rain

    It has been ten years since Alyia placed foot into this city. Ten years ago her mother decided to leave after divorcing Alyia's father and moved away together with her. Ten long years Alyia waited for the moment he would come and take her back exactly as he promised but no matter how long she waited, he never came. "Did he forgot about our promise? Did he forgot about me?" Alyia asked herself almost everyday, especially those last years when the pair ring he gifted her ten years ago finally fit her finger. But now she was here. She was back where it all started, with her hope high and dedicated to find him. Ten years ago she left him once again alone in this city. She still remembered those sad eyes when he was sitting on the bench in the playground all alone. No kids were playing with him but although she was just five years old at that time, she knew he didn't longed to play with those kids, he wanted his parents to be there the same as the parents of those other kids played with them. Alyia's resolve didn't change since the moment she got accepted to the college. She would go back to the city where it all started and find him one more time. She was sure he had to have a good reason why he couldn't come for her. Who knew, maybe he didn't even know where to search for her.


  • 3.Agreement with a billionaire

    For Laura Eduoard, she wishes of having a home she can call hers, and having kids she can call her own, where as each and every friend of hers are either getting married or are already married. Being 30 and single, is not the best feature to hold on to, and what's worst is that Laura doesn't seem to even have a boyfriend or a man she can call the love of her life. It doesn't get easier as in the society Laura lives in, she is seen as one whom chase after rich men, either married or unmarried as with the nature of her job, it makes it easier for such theory. Whereas to Laura, having being offered such opportunity to mix around rich men, only suffices her thoughts of the polygamous nature of men. Laura doesn't seem to care about it all, having all the things she needs, and being financially stable, even if, she is finding love in a world filled with lust thirsty men, up until her best friend decides to leave her click, by finding a man she is getting married to, but to Laura it isn't just about finding a man, but finding the right man for her. It gets devastating, being the topic of the town as of her professional life gets mixed in her personal one, with people around her seeing her as nothing but a loose lady, despite being a French woman. Yet, it seems fate may just be pushing Laura to a different turn, as Georgia, who is her best friend and also, a woman with a sanguine nature, gets the wedding of the year as bachelors seem to fill up her wedding, such that Laura may need to find her mr right. Now, with the bouquet of men at her sight, would Laura be able to finally catch her mr right, rather would the man whom gets intrigued by her be of her liking or complete her thoughts about men. After all, like they do say, opposite attracts.



    STARY WRITING ACADEMY III #Girlpower - Rebirth of the Heroine Writing Contest. "You seem to forget so soon that you are only a maid. Do you realize what you are doing?" Mr. King growled. "I might only be a maid but it doesn't change what I saw. How could you, Mr. King? How could you do something like that? Did you even think about your son? How will Hunter feel when he finds out?" From the raspiness in her mother's voice, Cassandra could tell her mother was close to crying and it made her all the more afraid. "Shut up!" Mr. King yelled once again. "Shut your damn mouth up!" Judging from the sound of his footsteps, Cassandra knew he was walking towards her mother. "And who's gonna tell Hunter? You?" There was a sneer in his voice. "You don't scare me!" Her mother seethed. "Of course, I do." He snorted and suddenly, Cassandra could hear her mother choking. † † † Cassandra has always tagged werewolves as prose fiction and had never really believed they existed until she gets bitten by a werewolf after she is left for dead in an accident planned to get rid of her and her mother. Trying to live with this new identity of hers, Cassandra seeks to avenge her mother's brutal death, but what happens when the son of the culprit is her mate? And what happens when the werewolf whose bite she had survived death turns out to be the enemy of her new found pack?


  • 5.The Villainess was Loved

    Girl Power - Rebirth of the Heroine Writing Contest 'I, certainly, was too kind.' Were the final words Arusei Evergreen Alpensa, the villainess of a popular otome game, uttered. None truly understood what the words meant, even Hafsa Cyrille, who woke up one Sunday morn as the alleged villainess. ‘I will be kind to everyone the villainess was vicious towards! That is how I will avoid the red flags and survive a fairy tale written against me!’ * * * 'Congratulations on completing the tutorial.' Were the unfair words sprawled before her as soon as she opened her eyes after public execution, betrayed by the very people she trusted. Unfortunately, as the trend of rebirth keeps recurring, Hafsa's new goal dramatically changes from revenge to finding a way to die. Quick note; The beautiful book cover is was made specially by my wonderful friend blacklapizuu on instagram.


  • 6.His Vampire Mate

    *This is a spin-off from the book 'My Secret Mate.'* Xavier and Seth had just gotten past all the danger- but it was only beginning for Grayson Rossi when he happened to meet his mate: Nina Bychkov. Nina was on her way to proving herself for her vampire warlord dad, Alexai Bychkov (AKA Frank Goldberg) when that screwed up scientist ruined her dad's plans. Now, Nina had to do the dirty work- she had to get close to the Alpha, Ryder, and find his weakness. Why? So the pack would obey her dad when he extorted that unknown weakness. There was just one problem: How could she get close to the Alpha, when she was falling in love with Grayson Rossi?


  • 7.His last chance

    Matilda Milton is a plain chubby woman who is poor and knew she had no chances of ever catching the eye of the handsome and rich billionaire who she works for and has been in love with. so when he wants an affair with her, she realizes that, that's the only way she can be with the man she loves. Antony Thomas is rich and handsome and he knows it. He always gets his way. so when he notices a small mousy woman that works as his cook, he wants her and he will get her. All he wanted was a quick affair, but now months later after she runs away, he finds that he still wants her and the baby she thinks he doesn't want.

    Luitha Mczekie

  • 8.The Alpha Female

    Ashley Knight is a full blood pure white wolf. She is next in line for the Alpha position of the WhiteKnight pack. She is 16 years old when she first shifts which is two years before everyone else her age. What she doesn't know is that she soon will meet her mate. Her name. Alexandria Rose Young. But there just so happens to be a 3 year difference. What is Ashley going to do?

    Elsa Galvan

  • 9.The Beauty's Revenge

    Anna was the only daughter of the Acker family. Acker family is the richest family of Y City who almost has every kind of business in X Country. This is Anna's only plus point she is also a beauty queen of Y City; every bachelor of Y City admires her and is willing to do anything to pursue her. Everything was perfect until she falls in love with Victor, she loved him unconditionally but unfortunately, he only marries her for her money. He gave her a very painful death, at the time of her death Anna prayed, "God please I don't want to die please give me one chance to at least avenge myself" she closed her eyes but, in a blink, she was awake again she looked around and felt strange. she was in a strange room, she looked around and when she looked at herself in the mirror, she froze that was not her face, that is not her body. She was reborn as Rita Wilson. She cannot believe God gave her another chance, she will use it wisely and make their lives miserable who wronged her.

    Rita J

  • 10.Intertwined Destinies

    Fall for a Billionaire - Billionaire Romantic-Suspense Writing Contest (Book 4 of Badboy series) Abigail Smith-Arlington, has been raised all her life under strict rules imposed by her parents to protect her from a psychopathic woman who has always been obsessed with her father and now with her. Her wealth and intelligence have given her an important place on the student council of her university, but her lack of social life has caused her to spend years alone in the huge mansion where she lives, dreaming of the day she finally is free from her golden cage, this is until Ezra Moore enters her life and puts it upside down. He is a troublemaker boy who constantly gets into conflicts and fights, his family life is the complete opposite of hers, and he is keeping a dark secret that could put her in danger if it goes out. A story of plots, lies, and passion.

    Luna Carmal

  • 11.Deadly Romance with a Tycoon

    FALL FOR A BILLIONAIRE (BILLIONAIRE ROMANTIC-SUSPENSE) “I’m Detective Nichelle Lopez and I’m in love with a ser!al k!ller.”        Nichelle Lopez, a member of the Crime and Investigation Unit of the Philippine National Police Task Force, is living the best time of her life when Chaz Anthony, the only heir of the multi-billion peso Empire Elite Corp. of the Montenegro family, asks her hand for marriage. Since she’s not born as part of the high society, the disapproval of the Montenegros of their relationship drives her to prove herself as a worthy bride for Chaz by being one of the country’s best young detectives.      But in an unexpected turn of events, Nichelle’s world flips upside down when she takes murder cases which have resemblance to another case from ten years ago – dead women in bloody wedding dresses with a 'certain word' carved on their right forearms. As she unfolds the riddles behind all these deaths, all evidences point to the love of her life as the primary suspect.      Can she plunge her fiancé to his nemesis? Or will she choose him over integrity, the very core of her duty as a detective?

    Madel McDonough


    EROTIC THOUGHT SYNOPSIS; Angelina Is the eldest and the only daughter of the multi billionaire family suddenly had to deal with her friends constant pestering for her to get a boyfriend. And just when she thought she has had enough, she had to deal with her school's most baddest boy's cockiness. Angelina attends Royal academy. Royal Academy is one of the best schools in town, a poor man cannot possibly afford the school fees. So it was populated by sons and daughters of the rich What happens when she finally fell in love but her friends suddenly became against it? What could be the problem? And what happens when the good girl Angelina suddenly turn bad? What could make her do that? Let find all the answers in this new thrill! Stay tuned and you won't regret it! Extract from the book.... : Angelina jerked awake to the sound of a distant blues playing at the neighborhood. She did not only hear the music in a dream but also had an erotic dream with it which made her find one of her fingers in her v****a when she woke up naked. She was quite wet down there. Her nipples prostrated forward just like her breast thereby preventing the wrapper on her body from falling down completely. She brought out her finger to see it wet then shook her head negatively. "I can't believe I had another wet dream" she murmured. Angelina was a young black beautiful girl of 17 year old with sophisticated parents. She has a problem of concentrating on a particular thing without thinking erotically about somebody or something. Though she has always loved the feelings she gets from it: it makes her wanna go wild and explore sexually with or without anybody regardless the fact that she has never had normal sex before.

    Sunny Sonerow Mbang

  • 13.Whisper in the Dark

    After witnessing the demise of their parents at the hand of the queen's guards the girls wake up in a dungeon. They are forced to fend for themselves at the age of 16 and left in a world they are not familiar with. Their paths split in this world and they soon realize that their entire childhood has been a lie to protect them from their own birth mother. The girls are set on a mission to find out the truth about their so-called parents and why they have been brought to this new world, while learning to control their powers for the war that is about to ensue.


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