• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham



    Dominic Burton falls in love with his best friend's twin sister and even though he knows she is off-limits, he can't ignore the feelings he has for her even if he wants to. His best friend doesn't want him anywhere near her and to make things worse, the girl he loves, Stephanie Johnson, marries someone else. Will Dom be able to forget his feelings for her or not?

    Queen Zeeh

  • 3.Raven

    Raven had the ability to foresee the future and learn secrets from people in her dreams. She hated this ability when her parents died because of an accident that she dreamed of. She shut herself out from the world and was only accompanied by Lilibeth. One day, Lilibeth told her the news that they'll be staying in a mansion, where she previously work, and she, on the other hand, will start going to school again. Will she survive high school life and live normally? Or strange things will happen even more now that there will be people surrounding her? Join Raven as she discover more about her ability and what she could do to save reality from crumbling down.

    Zheilred Cabaral

  • 4.Cross and Conflicts

    Noumenon quivered before him as she stood. She was unsteady and blood continued to ooze from her left calf. Yet she was indignant as she looked at him and said, “You’re ‘Cross,’ right? The Master Murderer.” The man in front of her didn’t like the sound her words resonated, but she was correct. He is the masked vigilante who killed more than the number of their fingers and toes combined. He didn't respond and only looked at her impassively. She then took the silver ring off her forefinger. “Please. I need your help. I want to kill my father.”

    Shyn Ry


    Andi and Zac were very good friends. They grew up together. They are each other’s playmates and each other’s protector. But when they reach middle school, Andi falls for her best friend. But after seeing how Zac acted so cold and rejected all the girls that show interest in him, Andi decided to keep it for herself. Zac became the campus crush at their school because of his charm and charisma, and always being at the top. He’s the total epitome of beauty and brains. But after his parents filed a divorce, Zac became a loner, cold, and snob person. He rarely got friends at school. Luckily, Andi didn’t stop being his friend. She accompanies him at school even if Zac intently leaves her behind. She walked with him even if Zac is so fast and quick to take his steps. She eats with him during lunch even if Zac won’t talk to her and will just ignore her. She always followed him wherever Zac will go. That’s how Andi likes Zac that despite not getting a positive response, she doesn’t stop show kindness and special care to his best friend because she always believed that Zac is just waiting for her and the perfect timing for their love story. But even before their love blossom, something unexpected happens. A twist in their love story sets them apart. A distance that gives a chance to entertain other suitors. With rivalry going on, will Zac finally realize his true feelings for his best friend? With the tension brought by college life and pursuing a career in the future, will their love have still a second chance? Or will they forgive each other and remained as friends?


  • 6.To Be Loved

    There are different people living on the planet, with a different personality, body shape, and skin color, But all of them are looking for the same thing which is. Love, peace, warm and comfortable life. All of them are looking for someone to fight their dark side with them, they want a shoulder to lie on when they in need of comfort, a warm hug to welcome them after a tiring day. And that's what the three of them want, that's what they desperately need. Are they going to have what they want or the future hides other things for them.

    Wild Kitty

  • 7.Once Upon an AI's Story : AXEL

    After Sandra Austin, genius scientist and an engineer died, she left a supermassive project that's highly lurked inside her laboratory. Caleb a good friend and a colleague wanted to took care of the project but he respected the right of Sandra's only daughter Erin Ciara's right to her mother's sentiments. Every detail of Sandra's project was written on a diary, even her personal interest and goals. So Caleb decided to hand the diary to Erin. He'll just support Erin, as he treated her like his own daughter. Erin was a 20 years old freshman college student who took pre-med education. She wanted to become a doctor someday. But things went complicated when her mother died. Before the tragedy, she experienced heartbreak and betrayal which lead her to create an AI through an online application. She named her AI friend 'Axel'. Yet, she realized her heart is unsafe with Axel. Because he is nothing but toy. A controlled machine, no heart, no feelings. And so she get rid of him. But what if, Axel showed up as a real human? Or in human figure? Will Axel recognize her? What was her her mother's supermassive project? Does it had something to do with her death? Erin wanted to know her mother's whereabouts. Including the cause of her death. She believes there's a foul play in there. Would it be her mother's diary that will be used as weapon to attack those who took her mother's. Or it's just another wave of danger ?


  • 8.Breaking Me

    (COMPLETED) Book One Willow has powers and lives openly in the world until she is plunged into a world of mystery and betrayal. Werewolf's, Demons, Vampires and Witches all enter her life and turn it upside-down. While she is running away from someone stuck in the past, threatening to take away her freedom, will she find help from those closes to her? and with love blossoming from different places, one human and one wolf will she find happiness or will she be broken. *I’m your worst nightmare and if you don’t stop, I will take all the power you have!” his electricity started crawling from his body to mine, the bolts dancing from his arm to mine. I feel the power getting greater and his getting weaker, with all the power he had left he grabbed me, excruciating pain shot up my arm, my body involuntarily letting out a scream.                     My eyes turning black as the power is drained from Deans body, I feel small shocks of electricity running through me, “Willow stop! You will kill him!”*

    Chloe Perrin

  • 9.Apocalypse Of The Gods

    The end is here. The world has been consumed by a title wave of radiation that wipes out over half of the population. Some survive with no mutations and stay as they were before. Others become something more. Something different yet ancient. Alora was a normal woman with lots of ambitions and dreams or at least she thought. All of that changed when the end came and she was one of the first to mutate. With the blood of the ancient gods running through her veins, she became a force to be reckoned with but was quickly taken prisoner. Calum was a soldier on leave with all his friends from high school when things went terribly wrong. The group was lucky enough to survive the radiation and have no mutations. Now they are on the move and looking for a safe place to live away from the Titans, Monsters and New Gods. That is, until they see their old friend Alora again. Follow this group of friends turned warriors as they battle together in the post-societal world. Will they find peace? Will they find more survivors? Will that old spark still be there? And who will survive the trials?


  • 10.Saoirse's Little Game

    For every story, there is a protagonist. And most protagonists are nice, soft-spoken, damsel in distress, or just a sweet good-hearted girl. And if you are looking for a protagonist, who’s really nice, kind and good-hearted.. Then I am not the one that you are looking for! Because I am not sweet nor nice! I am a b*tch and I am proud of it! Some call me an evil witch or a spoiled b*tch and guess what I am both! So don't mess with me! And I will get rid of anyone who blocks my way because I can and..that's the way it is. And for those who are fantasizing about my Roux, better watch your back because I will make sure that your life will be miserable! I will do anything, everything! Just to make Roux mine! So if I were you, better back off and stay away from my man if you love your life! Because I, Saoirse De Leviste is not a Protagonist, but your worst nightmare! Saoirse Eloise and Sacha Elise are twins. Twins but the exact opposite. They are like sun and moon, water and fire..but despite that, they love each other and will always protect each other. Saoirse is the wild and rebel one, being the younger one, she’s the spoiled and brat. She always makes sure that she gets what she wants. Sacha on the other hand is the demure and loving sister, being the elder sister for just two minutes, she always pampers Saoirse and gives her everything that she wants, to the point that she will sacrifice just to make her sister happy. Saoirse has been in love with Roux Dimitri ever since she knew what love is and being the queen bee of the Campus, she made sure that no girls can touch her Roux because Roux is hers and she has already staked a claim to him. Good thing, Roux is not a good guy, he is mean to other girls, and that’s making her job at dispatching the other girls easier. Roux Dimitri is a cold guy but for Sacha, he can be gentle and soft. He is her guy best friend and he is willing to protect her no matter what the cost is. Even though he is annoyed with Saoirse he is still treating her in a civil manner because he knows that once he became harsh to Saoirse, Sacha will be sad. Sacha, likes Roux Dimitri but she knows that her sister is so in love with Roux. Even though it is hard for her, she chose to leave and give way to her sister. Callahan, is a transfer student who got fascinated with Saoirse’s b*tch attitude so he became her partner, her accomplice in all her evil plan on making the girls around Roux suffer. And he is more than willing to be a minion of hers as long as she is happy.



    When Bella ran away from police she never thought that she will fall in a deeper hell hole ... Karma grab her badly this time after almost suffering for two years in a most cruel way finally a man save her becoming her night in shining armour. An unexpected turned of event forced them to marry eachother but can a marriage based on lie and deceit will ever survive??? Will Bashir still protect Bella knowing her heinous crime in the past?? Will he ever forgive her?? Join the new life changing journey of Bella and Bashir fighting their own devil while finding out the real meaning of life . LOVE DOESN'T CHANGE US IT HELP US TO OVER COME OUR WEAKNESS.....

    Nusrat Jahan

  • 12.The Legend of the Immortal Traveler

    Cursed to be immortal and travel the world telling the story of other people's suffering, she discovers a world she never could have imagine. She discovers herself and her compassion for others, while traveling the world. She plays a role in the destiny of many she meets during her travels and they in turn teach her the truth about herself, who and what she really is.

    Meana Sizemore

  • 13.Vampire Queen

    Ava, a young girl waiting until she turns 18 to become a full fledged vampire, is trying to figure out life after her parents died while saving herself and other children of the Midknight Coven from a drifter attack. These things usually happen, but once Ava finds out the truth behind the attack, her life will change. With the help of her friends, and destined mate, she will have her revenge for her parents death and discover a power within her she never thought existed for vampires.