• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.Anna And The Invisible Castle

    *And the princess became the witch haunting her father's kingdom* In a time long long ago, once lived a powerful King and his only child, Princess Kasha, who was supposed to rule the kingdom after him. Princess Kasha, a strong replica of the late Queen grew with grace, beauty and her father's love. Disaster strikes when on her twentieth birthday, the King’s youngest concubine puts to birth, a son; now heir to the throne of Asencia. Mad that her new baby brother will take over the Kingdom, Princess Kasha slips into his room at midnight, to stab him to death. But her father catches her himself, and she's locked up in the dungeon.  Sneaking out of dungeon, clothed as a maid, Kasha poisons her father to death. She's caught by the guardsmen, and banished by the councilmen into the evil forest. There, she meets the Kingdom's most terrifying enemy; the witch of the seven seas– Gwenemma. Kasha gives up her soul to sorcery and teams up with Gwenemma, they attack her father's kingdom. But they are defeated, and Gwenemma killed. Kasha flees for her life, and with all the powers left in her, she creates an Invisible Castle in the heart of the evil forest, there she awaits the day she will become undefeatable to attack the Kingdom of Ascencia again, and then destroy every living soul in it! *Until then, this is the story of a young girl called Anna, and the Invisible Castle.

    Pamela Ulu

  • 3.The last black blood

    Aurora is the blast black blood due to the seal that her father put in her. A seal that he had gotten from the land healer, which he had promised would make the unborn baby a boy. He had wanted a boy, he believed that a boy was a gift, he believed that boys were of much worth. This wasn’t anything to do with the gender of the baby, this was the healer removing the egg of the ghost in the sky, which had been lurking in his home, sending it out into the world. The truth was then discovered. People fear her, calling her a demon. Though they had never seen her, her sister keeps her a secret. Until one day, when she’s tired of living amongst the shadows, she goes out into the world. She knows rejection, because of the way she looks, her eyes and the seal on her body. The goes of the sky comes to cause mass destruction, can she defeat it with the monster inside her?

    Gemini Brighteststar

  • 4.The Alpha and the Fairy ( Black Moon Pack Book 1)

    Alec was the alpha of the Black Moon pack, he was 23 years old and had still not found his mate. Ashley was Alec's younger sister she went to Black Moon High a school for all magical creatures. Ashley was in her fourth year of school when she befriends a new student. A fairy named Jessa. Jessa wasn't any ordinary fairy though, she was the last female of the winter fairies. Her father sent her to live with her brother Jacob to keep her safe from Raul, the king of the fire faries son who wanted her for her powers. Jessa would be one of the strongest faries in existence when she met her mate and learned to harness their abilities or so fairy legand says. What happens when Alec and Jessa meet for the first time on her 18th birthday. Will Alec be able to help Jessa save the winter faries or will Raul be successful in stealing her away.

    Robin Palmer

  • 5.My brother's best friend

    "And suddenly you fall in love with who you least want" What happens when you fall in love with your brother's hateful best friend? This is my story, my reality.

    Karla Oviedo

  • 6.My Name Is Isabella

    Isabella's life has never been easy, but she has always had her sister cheer her on until she gets the news of her sister's cancer diagnosis. While her world starts spiraling out of control due to her sister's medical cost, and her irresponsible mother's drug addiction, Bella takes a dangerous job at a well-known strip club and falls on the radar of the owner who happens to be a sexy Italian mafia boss who is possessive and passionate.

    hedge hodges

  • 7.Back To You

    Sun kissed, mousy hair. Whiskey brown, umber eyes. Lips moist but dry textured. Voice hoarse and perky, more versatile than any has ever heard; has a luxurious baritone to it. Leaves all's hearts kerfuffling. Is he a bad boy? Lusty and quite the jerk, passionate and quite the smooth criminal. His addictions to cigarettes were as strong as her of cranberries; his will to stay alive converse to her desires laced with desperation to live. What is he? A question mark. A riddle nobody tried enough to solve. A wonder for everyone around him who could not ever make him even look at them. Until he ends up falling for the girl next to him. The very girl he'd fallen for once before as well, before he turned into the person he is being described as; the very girl he's fallen for every time he has been granted to. Over again, even after being gifted the chance to start over. And he knows, if he were given to relive his story once more, he'd fall for her once again...to endure a little more. 'Cause, he was the Moon and she was the Sun, and their galaxy revolved around each other.


  • 8.The Playboy's Forbidden Love

    “You are hurting me Nish” I whisper “Don’t you get it Ishika, Every time things won’t go according to your wish” He states trapping me in between him and the wall. I could sense the anger in his voice “Don’t you get it Nish Just let me go What else is there to break of my heart Which is already in pieces”. I push him away with all my strength. “Why did you do it Nish? Why? ”. I ask him and find the strength to look in his eyes and ask for the reason of his betrayal. What he replied shook me to the core. His answer was something which I never expected. ***** “When there is transparency in a relationship there is true love”. How well said is this thought, I believed we had transparency in our relationship. I felt the love. What went wrong? “I thought he was the comfort to my lonely soul.” He was kind and respectful and amazing in every way. He was the kind of guy who showed kindness to me and respected my feelings. Love is meant for taking chances. I Nishika, the girl who was lonely soul fell in love and took the chance. But I was so wrong He, was the one who broke my heart in million pieces. And left me behind to collect the pieces. I am the girl who was trying to be happy again. I can’t be happy because I don’t know what is left of it to start with.

    Fazlun asinnulzaf

  • 9.Ravishing Desire

    Parental Advisory: Explicit content Age restriction: 1*+ “Please let's not do this Rob. I thought I made it clear that we can’t let people know about us” Ayanna hissed at Robert who scoffed leaning pulling her closer to himself. “And I said I still want to meet you! I don’t care about anything else; I just want you and your body!’ He said biting her earlobes. She tried to resist him but couldn’t help letting out a soft moan. She couldn’t control herself whenever he was near despite knowing it is wrong for her to be doing this. They were enemies to the world but lovers in secret. They met through unusual circumstances. She was only looking for a way to ease her stress and he was trying to forget about the pain he feels. I want to thank you my readers for all your support. Sometimes I don’t have the strength to write but you always push me to write with your encouraging words and also wonderful comments. For me, getting feedback from you is very important and I am grateful for it as it helps me improve my writing.


  • 10.The King's Return

    Awaited Mate Book 2 His life changed when he learned that he was a werewolf prince, an heir to the werewolf kingdom. As if that wasn't enough, his father had no intentions of becoming a king which meant he had to take over and rule. Before any of that, he was just Logan Leo Morningstar, a carefree guy but now his name alone raises hair in the back of the neck in people. It means power, something that has never been seen before, his presence alone will make every supernatural bow, no matter the species. Even his own mate is scared of him. She is Amira Aurelia Rodriguez, grew up in a small pack and has never know what peace is. She never wanted a mate after witnessing her father abuse her mother both physically and emotionally. When she meets her mate she wants nothing to do with him because she knows she will never have the power to fight him.

    Queen Zeeh

  • 11.Secrets - A slave to my father

    I breathed in, preparing myself for what was about to happen. I never thought that this was how my life would turn out. I never thought that this was how I would leave this world. Guess life is full of surprises. Do I regret anything? No. Because this led me to the man that holds my heart. I’m sitting on my knees, my hands tied behind my back, with a gun barrel pressed to the back of my head. I closed my eyes for a brief moment before opening them again to look at the man I would do anything for. The only person I would want to see before my time was up. The man I love so dearly. The man who saved me, when he didn’t have to. The man who discovered love together with me. The man that would give his life for me and who I would give my life to save. I could see his mouth moving but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. I could see him struggling against the chains that keep him tied to the wall, in a desperate attempt to come to my rescue. I could see the tears forming in his eyes before they fell to the ground. Those beautiful eyes, that I could forever get lost in. If only we had forever. I could feel my own tears fall as I whispered what would be my last words. “I love you,” I whispered. Then a gun went off. - Ally Kent has had her fair share of torment throughout her life. Already from a young age, she learned about loss and grief. A loss that still haunts her to this very day. How will she react when she little by little discovers her father's secrets and his involvement with the mafia that will soon affect her entire life? Will she forever be bound as a slave to his decisions and choices? Or will she get rid of the chains, she is being kept in?


  • 12.The Demon's Daughter

    Madison Beck has the misfortune of being a human born to a demon and a witch. Even worse, a mysterious group of supernatural beings wants to eradicate all people like her. Cillian, the mysterious alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack, takes on the job of guarding Madison Beck, and soon realizes that sometimes a job can lead to something more. Follow the duo as they fight with each other, fight together, and battle their own feelings for one another in order to exact revenge on an overly controlling governement.


  • 13.The Un-Holy Love of a Priest

    Grace Martinez; an eighteen year old, escapes her house to Faith city with sins, she wish she could confess. An unfortunate incident in the new city brings her close to the most educated and respectful priest—Father Lucius Mile. The 27 year old handsome and intellectual priest is fearful and respectful but not many respect him behind his back. The quick success and position he received at the Church is doubtful to many. People are smiling at him while waiting for him to make a single mistake to bring him down. However, the determined and focused priest changes his devotion from God to elsewhere. Grace’s mysterious eyes, her youthfulness and survivor skill draws him in and eventually they fall for each other. But how long will the relation continue when their dark sides are revealed? Maintaining a forbidden and frowned upon affair isn’t the only concern when people finds out his weakness. The trouble increases when they start black-mailing Grace of her sins; when things changes drastically. People are dying mysteriously and unfortunately, they have a common link—Grace! Who is behind all these murders? Will Grace ever find out and if she did—what will be her decision? Will she accept the pain to live or kill for love?

    Tasha Sharma