• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.Belonging to the Alpha

    Layla is a teenage girl who also happens to be a werewolf. Her dad is a high-ranking warrior in the most dominant pack that Silvermoor City has ever seen. She is destined to be the Luna of an extremely powerful Alpha. She however, bonds with an unworthy Omega. To complicate things, the Alpha, chooses Layla. After being brutally attacked by her Omega, Layla must decide which path to follow. Her wolf or her destiny?

    Mel Hankins

  • 3.Blood of The Beast

    Twenty-six centuries of existence become relevant when Alastair Malacoda comes face to face with destiny in the form of a werewolf named Scylla Narolin. An Alpha female in her prime with ambitions of a Goddess. All Scylla has known is the love of her father. The rest of the world had deemed her a monster. He is a beast in human form. A man that looks like the goddess of love handcrafted him herself and he wants her all to himself. Times are changing. The world needs reformation to adapt to the new ways and Scylla plans to lead those who had shunned her into the new age before the ancient ones decide that Supernatural world is no longer fit to coexist with humanity.

    Lily Pierce

  • 4.Diablo (Sabers M.C Book 2)

    Gabby was a distraction Diablo didn’t need in his life. As president of the Sabers MC Diablo had more important things to worry about than the damaged lioness with the sad eyes and the sharp tongue. But his animal had a soft spot for her that couldn’t be denied. He couldn’t let Gabby get under his skin and into heart , not when he was pretty sure she was in love with another man.

    Emma Mountford

  • 5.Owning The Yakuza (Yakuza book 1)

    Akito Kondo is the leader of the Yakuza crime syndicate. In the 43 years of life he has seen everything and killed more people than Satan himself. He has never taken a wife only because no woman can live up to his s****l appetite and accept his crime life. He loves a good chase and playing the game but it never goes past a one night stand. He gave up on finding the one woman who would rule by his side a long time ago. Blood thirst became him, protecting his son, his Yakuza and family was all he lived for. That is until... Sloane Vans, 21 year old engineer collage student. She is smart, sassy, feisty and speaks what is on her mind. The Yakuza is about to find out that waiting was the best and smartest thing he ever did. When Sloane wants something she makes it very clear in her own way. This half American half French woman is about to show one man how good life can be even if he is a blood thirsty killer. Will she own the Yakuza's heart? Only one man has the answer to that. (This is book 1 of the series and all translation comes from Google. If there are any mistakes please understand I do not speak Japanese)


  • 6.Fatal Attraction (gxg) lesbian

    Lesbian Vampires. Dark pasts. Secrets. A war. Watch Annabelle Satcher's world turn upside down when she meets vampire Stella, who also happens to be royalty. Things will never be the same again.


  • 7.Emotionally Distracted

    They had a perfect relationship, they did everything together and spoke the same love language nothing would be able to separate them at least that's what they believed. One day Brie went out with her boss and had s*x with him, having never experienced being with a man. She starts cheating on her girlfriend with the man she met. Was I ever a lesbian? She asked herself


  • 8.RED

    “Please... samrat...dont”those were the only word that left my mouth before i felt sharp pain around my left arm, A loud scream escaped my mouth and tear started rolling down my cheeks,i got up and tried to run away from him but he hold my bun and pushed me on bed i fell flat on my stomach,he continued whipping me with his belt,I was screaming and pleading him to stop,i was shouting on top of my lungs but nothing seemed to affect him he continued to slash my back my pleading were deaf to his ears,after just few minutes i felt something wet on my back,i knew my back bleeding,i don’t remember how many time he whip me but i was on verge of fainting that’s when he threw his belt on corner of room and got on bed holding me beneath him in between his both leg’s on either side of me, he pulled me up from behind and tore my dress from back along with my panties,he unzipped his trouser and pulled them down with his boxer ”Plea..aselea....Noo...Nooo....leave..mee”i was pleading him but suddenly i felt an unbearable pain in my butt hole, i was out of voice but these pain brought out a loud scream from my throat making it completely sore , samrat fucked me from behind, he was shoving his whole length inside me with extreme force, he hold both my hand behind my back,he was thrusting inside me like a hungry beast,after an hour he came inside me, filling me with all his seeds, he let go my hands and pulled his hand away from my head and pulled his d**k out of my butt, i fell down on my stomach,he pulled up his trouser got down from bed and exited bedroom without turning back.


  • 9.Wingless and Beautiful

    Beautiful Allison Harley is far from perfect. She was a victim of domestic violence that left her physically scarred and emotionally broken. Hunter Vaugh was handsome, rich and brilliant. He was a golden boy who thought he was invincible until a tragedy took away his perfect life… along with his ability to see. When they met, Allison was running away from her nightmares, and Hunter thought he had no reason to undergo the treatments needed to recover his eyesight. He was blind, but he saw how beautiful she was, and she gave him a reason to live… a reason to see again. She was his angel, and he was hers. Hunter went away with a promise that once he returns, he will be able to see her, protect her… be the guardian angel she deserved. But once he got his eyesight back, can he look past the scars that her nightmares left her? Will he still keep the promises he made when he left? Or will he go back to his perfect life and leave her in the hands of the new angel, who took care of her when he left?

    Jerilee Kaye

  • 10.Her Protector

    It's been a year and a half since Nova and Maxon completed their mating... Things were going wonderfully until someone starts sending Nova threatening letters and dead things. Normally, Maxon would've just sent out a search party to find the bastards, but they're smart. They use silver powder on everything making it hard for Maxon and the pack to get anything from it. Not to mention Nova's gifts haven't been working to well lately, and to top it all off Maxon knows Nova is keeping something from him, but he won't push her into telling him; scared he'll push her away. When the threats hit too close to home, Maxon makes a choice that will forever alter his life. Whether it is good or bad Maxon doesn't know yet. All he knows is that he will do anything to keep Nova safe.


  • 11.Her Vampire Master

    Charles the youngest in a clan of vampires finds a slip of girl in a back alleyway in 1881, he's possessive and dominant demanding not only her body and blood but her mind as well as her heart. A spell gone wrong sends Elizabeth back in time, she's found and kept as a vampire's consort. Will she be able to change the timeline and escape from her vampire master or is she destined to be under his control no matter what time she finds herself in?

    Jane Knight

  • 12.My Lone Wolf (Completed)

    Lilith Jones was running away, from her family, her pack. Everything that she believed was her's. She was running without a destination in her mind, with no one to turn to she was hopelessly pounding her paws on the ground looking for an escape. Her useless attempts to survive landed her exactly where fate wanted her, in her mate's arms. Draven Archer was in a state of misery ever since his family was brutally killed in front of him. His thirst for revenge destroyed packs mercilessly without any regrets. His anger blinded him to the rest of the world, making him undesirable but powerful. His cold heart declared frozen to never be warm again. When one day his cold heart thumped in his chest, indicating the sigh of life that was left in him, as the lone wolf landed in his arms. "You ruined me, You ruined everything I loved. And now you'll watch as I set your world on fire." - Lilith Jones. "So tell me little wolf, do you want to punish those who have wronged you?" - Draven Archer.


  • 13.I have 8 mates

    "You don’t get it do you we want you not some other skank you " Dante shouted "Why you could have any one you wanted why me I’m nothing special an-" I whimpered though my tears my vision blurred. My chest burning with a feeling of dread and denial. My brain couldn’t process all of this information. It had sent me into overdrive. "Why can’t you just accept we want you, you’re sexy, smart, and you love us not our money." He replied frustration clear in his tone. His face showing the sheer disbelief at my words. " But- " I tried to reason. "f**k this" Daniel said as he marched right up to me pushing me against the nearest wall to us. Holding with one hand on my hip and the other holding my throat in a tight grip. Not hard enough to strangle me but tight enough for my focus to be solely on him. "What are you-" Was all I was able to get out of my lips before he covered them with his own lips as they descended upon my own and I forgot in a instance what we were talking about the only thought going through my mind was the burning need for him to be inside of me filling me to the brim. Luke must have read my mind because in an instant my feet were no longer on the ground and I was away from Daniel and in Luke's arms; half way up the stairs with the seven of them following behind at a rapid pace. Jessica Brown was a ordinary 18 year old girl with normal problems such as rude teachers fake friends and of course what she didn't think she would have to deal with was 8 sexy controlling mates.

    Jade Baton

  • 14.ALAROUS (Completed)

    Alarous. The name itself is enough to send chills up anyone’s spine. He is the alpha of the northern pack, one of the biggest pack to ever exist, at the age of twenty four he has given up on finding his mate and invest his every minute to look after his pack instead. Rumors say he was not blessed with a mate, he is too cruel to have something as pure as a mate’s love; he knows that too, he isn’t worthy. But still a spark of hope is burning in the corner of his heart, buried so deep that even he cannot see. Elise. She is all sunshine and rainbows. Sarcasm is at the tip of her tongue and doesn’t think before speaking. But behind all the good girl persona and bright smiles, she is fighting for herself; She wants to forget, but it’s like gods in the heaven are against her. She wants nothing more than a normal life. But she soon learns that her life is going to be anything but normal. It is a rollercoaster ride for Alarous and Elise as they search for the missing parts of their being while the enemy lurks in the shadows waiting for the right moment to take away everything they love…


  • 15.Shattered But Not Broken

    Carra couldn't get over everything her ex Adam made her go threw. He had shattered her and shown her that love can make some people possessive and jealous. When her parents make the choice to move to get her away from him shes left with the fear of starting a new school and meeting new people. Her first day in the new town she meets Lucas and he makes her feel things shes never felt before. Lucas cant believe hes finally found his mate the only problem is that she keeps running away from him. Now hes left with the task of trying to get his mate to trust him and telling her hes a wolf shifter

    Rachel R Obregon