• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.Zookeeper's Claim

    Beth is investigating complaints about The Menagerie, a local zoo owned by the rich, hunky, and mysterious Niaz. As she follows the clues, she’s thrown into a world of shifters, crime, and a possessive zookeeper who isn’t who he says he is. . .

    Serena Avagnari

  • 3.Loving The CEO

    ALEXANDER KNIGHT, known as AK in the world. 26 year old, hot, handsome, a heartless arrogant greek god. C.E.O of Knight Industries. Known as Casanova. Never respect any woman thought them as a gold digger who only know to grab money. For him emotions are meaningless. EMMA MILLER, 22-year-old, cute, bubbly, kindhearted, a beautiful girl but Stubborn. She loves to help other people, respect everyone. Freshly graduated, seeking for the job. What happens when these opposite personalities collide? Will they able to handle each other or they will fall in love? Let's find out. Hello people, This is my first book please do give it a chance. Thank you.

    Utpreksha Gupta

  • 4.Drug Lord's Kitten

    A story about revenge, lust and fear. - • - "Show me your world," I said before closing my eyes and parting my lips open for him. Instead of feeling his luscious lips on mine, I felt a cold metal pressed against my forehead. A gun. "This is my world," - • - On a bright morning, Hanna woke up with only scattered memories of her kidnapping. She was back in her bedroom with no shackles tied to her legs. Everything was back to normal. Her parents believed it was another one of Hanna's nightmare and that she was being delusional about her kidnapping but at the end of the day, that wasn't the truth. Hanna set out a mission to find her kidnappers and learn the reason behind being kidnapped at such a young age. Things take a twist when she comes across Angelo, a mob boss, a murderer, a billionaire and a drug dealer.


  • 5.Satan's sin : Her Husband's wife

    Everyone loves Pastor Kent, he is a man of honour and his church members adore him. Indan Brooke is Kent's wife but she seems to be the only one aware of her husband's dark secrets. Mary Dark is the perfect woman. She is religious, secure, and would do anything to please this holy man. What happens when she meets her husband's wife? What sin could be worse than Satan's?

    Faith Odulesi


    { THE DRAGON'S MYSTICAL PHOENIX SEQUEL } BOOK 2 The day i met Celine,i wasted no time in rejecting her silently. "No,she's not my Bond,i won't accept her,i knew it,i was going to be bonded to the worst kind of woman,why am i suppose to suffer a second time? She too has a bitch's attitude,i hate her kind" The words i had said to her,rang in my mind,each time hurting me badly. But then our territory had an intruder,i went there ready to defend our home,but what i encountered left me speechless. I stood in shock looking at my other mate and bond. How was it even possible,to have two mate's? I watched silently trying to understand what was going on,when my mate's scent hit my nose i frowned deeply,why the hell was it mixed with another man's scent. How could the scent be so damn strong,as if it was engraved deep within her,only marked mates had such strong scents,i took in a deep breath,refusing to believe my second mate could betray me even before meeting me,i lifted my hand and pulled her scarf down which was nicely done. I looked at the mark that was on her neck then at her,she was really marked,but by who? I angrily growled at her,then dropped my hand. "Great,the heaven must hate me a lot,how can i be mated to someone who is already marked" i spat angrily then walked away feeling angry,hurt and lonely.

    Kathrine Kayz

  • 7.Two Alphas for a Luna

    Crystal is the Alpha-Luna of her pack after her father left without a word of goodbye 10 years ago. Ruling her pack is her life and Crystal never wanted for a mate. When a lone rogue Alpha Brad and a human fire-fighter Tertius both with their own histories history suddenly appear, in her life, Crystal is caught off guard. Life just loves to throw her curve balls when she realizes she's mated to them both! Who will Crystal choose? Will her pack support her in her choice? And what happens when Brad is accused of murder? **************** “Princess?” Brad’s voice held a question and even Tertius stilled, feeling the dominating power of it. They needed to know if they could go on. Tonight is for her, and if she were uncomfortable, they could wait. “I... I want more. Please.” Crystal almost choked on the words. She wasn’t used to pleading, only at being obeyed, but tonight she would plead for their touches even if it went against her nature. “And we are your willing servants tonight. We will obey.” More than just a steamy love story (although there is definitely quite a few steamy sexual encounters) I hope that you will enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoy to write it! Please remember to comment and share your thoughts on where the book should be going


  • 8.Innocent Blood

    Holly London is a witch with a few secrets. For starters, she accidentally resurrected her cat using blood magic. Now, her once beloved family pet has a murderous vendetta against her. When an attractive and mysterious stranger tracks her down, sparks fly. Is this romantic attraction real or did she attract even more danger to herself and her loved ones?

    Serena Avagnari

  • 9.Storms of Fire (Sequel of Treacherous Court)

    Storms of Fire will be published on November 24, 2019. The sequel of Treacherous Court Elizabeth is torn between Prince Daemon, her betrothed, and Prince Jehaerys, the son of King Jeorne of Vendetta, who threatens to destroy the peace of the Kingdom of Nister. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love with either of them. But, she did and she has to make a choice. Will she choose the Prince of Nister or the Prince of Vendetta? Secrets will be unraveled Betrayal everywhere, and anywhere. And, Love will be the most powerful weapon.


  • 10.The Italian Don

    "I fucking hate you!" I screamed at Lukas. His low chuckle chilled me to the bone and I involuntarily took a step back from him, as he took a few menacing steps forward. "You weren't saying that when I had you tied to my bed, with my face buried between your thighs." He sneered. Fury took over me, and before I could think about it, I was in front of him, my hand swinging back to punch him in the face. Before my hands could touch his face, he grabbed my wrists, pulling me against him. I thrashed against him, trying to free myself, only to brush against the stiff erection in his shorts. "Now listen to me, and listen to me very well Rhea. You're going to do what the fuck I say, or I will kill all your family members one by one. Starting with your papà. Got me?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lukas Cavalli. A name that struck fear in people's heart. He is known for being cold, ruthless and a downright bastard. He preyed on those who were weaker than him, using their weaknesses to his advantage. He had to. He was the Boss of the Italian Mafia. He had many people try to take him down already, had some of his own turn on him, but he always remained untouchable. That is, until he met Rhea Castallenos. The fiery little beauty who was not afraid to tell him where to shove it. Rhea Castallenos didn't know she'd end up in this situation. With her father's company almost bankrupt, she wanted to help in whatever ways she can, but not like this. Not being sold to one of the person's she fucking despises the most. Rhea and Lukas are complete opposites. But maybe they're just what each one needs....


  • 11.Marrying the Billionaire

    Killian Brooks, Billionaire playboy, finds himself married to the heiress of a fallen empire, Skylar Reed. That wasn't in his life plan at all and nothing was going to make him change his playboy ways even this preposterous marriage arrangement. Growing up watching his parents' pathetic excuse of a marriage made him lose all faith in binding yourself to someone for life. Skylar Reed, she was once the life of the party but she had to change her ways drastically when her family's business went bankrupt. Her father always admonished her childish, stupid, rebellious ways and didn't even bat an eyelash getting Skylar to marry into the Brooks family. Skylar suddenly gets into a nasty accident that changes their lives forever. What happens in this forced marriage? Will it really work? Or will they ruin each other? Will it be one of pure convenience not messing with each other's life or will they somehow make it work? Indulge yourself in Married to the Billionaire to find out.


  • 12.Dominic's Claim(THE VALIENTE'S BK1)

    THE VALIENTE'S SERIES 1. DOMINIC'S CLAIM(COMPLETED) 2. BILLIONAIRE'S DESIRE( STARTING 8TH JUNE 2020) "Why," he whispered. "Why what?" I trembled as he strode closer to me. I backed against the wall shivering like I was caught in huge tornado. He was now less than an inch away, his eyes a shade darker, as he breathed heavily near my lips. "Why can't you love me?" he whispered once again. Because I love your brother, that was what I wanted to say. "Because you make it so freaking hard for me to love you," I blurted instead.

    Lyn Monreal

  • 13.The Alpha's Mate

    A Los Angla civil engineer student, on an internship in NY. What happens when she decides to have a one night stand, and he turns out to be the soon-to-be Alpha of the biggest and strongest pack out there in America. Not only did she sleep with him, but she's also his mate. After that, she meets the Alpha of the Lycian pack in an interview who also turns out to be her mate. What happens when a normal human being is thrown into the world of packs, werewolves and stuff like that. And her world suddenly isn't as innocent as she thought it was. Who will she choose from them? Will she reject or accept them when she comes to know about them? Will they share her with each other or fight with each other to keep her to themselves only.

    shivani sharma