• 1.Russian Bastard

    When an attack on the Vasiliev Estate leaves Russian Princess Tatiana Belluchi injured and instigates the return of her disappeared mother, Don Vasiliev proposes a merger that would place Tatiana under the direct protection of his son, Zeke Vasiliev. Amidst the chaos of attacks and betrayals left and right, she couldn't help being drawn to the man who belonged to another woman, with blue eyes and scars on his back. _____ In a world of vicious mafia politics, Tatiana Belluchi must tread dangerous waters as she distributes ammunition under the orders of her family that could supercharge the impending war, all under the guise of attending glamourous parties. A simple job, but not so easy when people discover who she really is. And now she has a target on her back. Zeke Vasiliev didn't have the easiest life. Being born out of wedlock does that. It was bad enough that his father was a Russian mafia Don and on top of that, his wife was a jealous woman, angered at her husband and his son who was born from a French actress. He has had to look over his shoulder his whole life, a stain in his step-mother's home, an unwanted pest. She wasn't beyond trying to have him killed. A life of constant darkness, until a woman as enchanting as an angel crashes into his life. However, this particular angel had a target on her back, And he wasn't going to let anyone take her away from him. A series of attacks, mass shootings and betrayals left and right. Not all will survive unscathed, and it is not the time to be thinking about some woman. He shouldn't pursue her. But he couldn't help being enchanted by her. _____ A story with over 8K reads and 1.8K votes!


  • 2.The Royal Brothers' Mate

    When working a shift at her uncle’s restaurant one evening while the Alpha Prince of werewolves, Corin, dines with his possible suitors, Eden Slade discovers that he is actually her mate. But Royal werewolves never end up with their mates for reasons that would shock the public and when Eden discovers she is mated to not one but two Royal brothers, she is f****d to focus less on choosing between the brothers than protecting her family and friends from the rest of the Royal family as the king is adamant not to let her be with either of his sons while neither of them are willing to let her go.


  • 3.BABY : The Reason of Love & Revenge

    #DAILY UPDATED... Advay Shivaji Ranawat, an honest cop, who lost his wife 5 years ago. He was searching for her. He won so many medals in his short journey of 3 years as a cop. After completion of his last mission, he was made in charge of a case of Mafia Don Aryan. He wanted to work on it a d suddenly he found his wife with a little baby girl. They married 5 years ago, he was damn sure when they separated, she was not pregnant. A big Question was aroused whose baby is this.....?? Join the journey of Advay and his wife Eva.. #Don't forget to follow me.


  • 4.The Queen

    "For my queen, anything" The Youngest Princess Isabelle, Oldest of the royal family, discovers that her life is about to overturn. Being crowned Queen, following the death of her father and successful monarch, she must carry the weight of the crown. Queen of a victorious nation executing her duties to her subjects, and a young woman falling in love and protecting her family. Isabelle has no idea what's coming her way, who she meets along her journey as a queen, or whom she falls in love with. She is just about to begin, and her enemies are beyond comprehension.


  • 5.The Light vs The Dark (book 1 of 3)

    Blurb: Zahra Asena Blood is the last of the Moon Goddess blood line. Her entire family is murdered in front of her and she is now lost. Will she become a monster just like the sic and twisted werewolf that killed her family to get to her. Or will she still be her sweet and funny self and be with her true mate and start a new life and family of her own? Zahra’s Prov. He came back in the room and set up a camera I started to panic and think what I can do to stall him then I see him blocking the camera lens, “welcome to the game called How Far Can You Go. If you win you get to have this trophy.” He moved out of the way so I was in view and then moved back, “If you don’t win I get to keep my trophy, let’s begin.” He turns to me and smiled at me and asked, “Do you know who is watching you and I? It’s someone that wants you for the rest of his life….he’s like…..your knight in shinning armor here to ruscue you form the dragon, which is me.” Ryders prov. He’s too close to her seeing her so frightened and scared I wanted to rip his throat out and tear him to pieces. I didn’t want me or my pack seeing my mate like this expecually with someone else. Then without warning he licks slowly up her nect I could see that he enjoyed it but she didn’t…. What happens next read and find out.

    Katlyn Parks

  • 6.His Possession

    WARNING: This book does contain Daddy kink. Please proceed with caution. This book is also preparing to be apart of the PAY TO READ program, so please be advised that eventually you will have to pay to read chapters. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I backed up slowly, feeling my heart drop into my stomach as I saw the menacing look in his eyes. My back hit the wall and I cursed lowly, trying to move, but it was too late. With his hand wrapped tightly around my throat, Xavier f****d me to look up into his eyes and I couldn't help but whimper softly. "Tell me why I shouldn't f**k you right here in front of all these people, hm?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Olivia Grey- A 22 year old college student who works hard to survive. Juggling university, and working at a bar is no easy feat. But, after being begged by her best friend to join her on a visit to her family, she reluctantly agrees. What she expected to be a fun summer vacation away from school, quickly turns upside down, when she meets her best friend's older brother, Xavier. Xavier- King - At 32 years old, Xavier is considered to be the most eligible bachelor in all of Europe. A workaholic, he has no time for frivolous flings or women for that matter. But when he meets Olivia, he felt like his whole world stop, and he needed to have her. And he'd stop at nothing to make her his. Throw in a crazy ex who would literally kill to have Xavier, and you have one hell of a ride.


  • 7.Our Destined Love

    Aradhya Kashyap, A pretty and talkative girl, 18 years old, who is admired by all people around her. She is enough gorgeous too attract any man. She was raped by someone, She doesn't know who raped her. Samarth Goenka, CEO of the Goenka Industries, 28 years old Handsome billionaire. He hates Aradhya. But he f****d Aradhya to marry with him. Whenever they meet onlt fight with each other. Both are like born enemies who are ready to kill each other. Both are egoistic and short temper. Will Aradhya find her r*****t? Will Samarth help her to find her r*****t? Why Samarth f****d her to marry him? What will happen after their marriage? Will they find their true love?


  • 8.Kenda: The Demon Princess

    Imprisoned for three centuries Kenda, the princess of Demons, finds a way to get home, only the one who comes for her turns out to be her biggest enemy – her betrothed. A man who’ll do anything to be the new king of her people. Even take her to the Pits – the shadiest place in the Underlands where s*x, drugs and erotic punishment reigns - to convince her of their marriage. Kenda vows to exert her revenge and get her kingdom back. But only one man stands in her way…Hans – the hottest man she’s ever seen and her new captor. And she doesn’t know whether to f**k him or kill him. He never thought he’ll find his true mate… Hans – a Forxard slave turned slave owner finds his true mate in a Fucken Princess – a princess he has to keep prisoner and punish as her betrothed dictates. With every touch, and kiss their past resurfaces revealing secrets long buried. They discover that they were once bonded. As danger loams and threatens to keep them apart. Hans fights hard to claim his true mate. And he hopes he’s not too late…that time hasn’t erased their precious gift of love.

    Kholo Maenetsha

  • 9.His Contract Bride

    “You got to be kidding me, this can’t be true,” he said aloud. “What’s wrong, teme? Did he leave you two companies instead of one?” “No, it’s not funny dobe. He wants me to form a family within 6 months or my older brother will become the CEO.” “What? Really?” “Yeah… There are 2 options: or my dad was insane when he was writing his testament or I am drunk and can’t read anymore. Please let it be the second option.” ______________________________________________________________________________________ It is a sequence of Accidental Pregnancy. According to the testament of Nate Nara needs to find a wife within 6 months if he wants to become the CEO of Nara enterprises. There is just one problem: Noha Nara doesn't believe in love. What will he do to have a fortune of his father? What will happen when he meets certain someone? Will that certain someone able to change his mind?

    shivani sharma


    Gaia spends her nights lost in ecstasy in a world she doesn't believe exists with her gorgeous vampire master, Sebastian. But reality comes crashing down around her when Sebastian reveals the truth; their months together have been anything but faded dreams. Faced with the revelation of a lifetime, Gaia wonders if she can trust in Sebastian’s declaration of love, and the love she feels in her traitorous heart. Meanwhile, with the growing need to keep Gaia safe from the horrors threatening his kind, Sebastian attempts to deny his heart's desires before it's too late. Yet a force beyond their control binds them, and Sebastian’s denial has far-reaching consequences. When fantasy and reality blur, will Sebastian and Gaia escape with their sanity and lives intact? Excerpt: She whimpered and relaxed in submission. He rubbed the sponge harder and faster while he kneaded his tongue firmly against her n****e. He gazed up and wallowed in the pained expression on her face. He could detect her release was near. It was right at the precipice. And as much as he wanted to continue to t*****e her, he was bloody hungry. "Come, Gaia!" he growled his command. Like a wave crashing upon a rocky shore, her o****m flowed over her. She called her release into the night as she bucked and splashed water all over her bathroom floor.

    Clarity Townsend

  • 11.ThE bAd BoY aNd ThE bAd GiRl

    -BOOK 1- Its not your typical bad boy or bad girl story. Its something bigger, its betrayal, heartbreak and secrets with force that ruined so many lives. They all were best friends, but each one of them took a different turn in high school. Turning the bad boy broke her heart . Bulling his best friend in the process. Her home or she couldn't name it as that anymore wasn't that different as well. All ties were broken. she couldn't take it and escaped from her life. She fought to survive. She walked through the dark side of the world, committing every sin possible and he couldn't stop but blame himself after he saw the beast that he created, the beast that he f****d her to be. After many years with many different and hard experiences she returned but was she really though the same person who left or is she someone else now? Also, did the school and her house stayed the same or anything might have changed? Join them in their journey, along their broken and hatred hearts.



    He noticed my gaze that was not on its right place loitering around longer than it needed to. A smirk took place on his lips as he arched a brow. ‘’ like what you see?’’ he teased before my eyes shot up and met with his beautiful blue eyes. I had butterflies in my stomach as my breathing became heavier. I blushed at his question that was indeed a fact. It was more than, like I was lost. He slowly came forward in my direction. Our eyes met for a second before I can comprehend anything further. He devoured my lips with his, Savoring every moment slowly as he waited forever for this. He grazed at my lower lip with his teeth before entering his tongue inside my mouth getting my permission just by his touch. His hands travelled down my body resting on my waist. He took his seat on the bed and making me sit in his lap, lips not leaving mine even for a moment. We separated in urgent need of air. I blushed before he discarded my top and then my jeans. He made me lie down and lied down on top of me. ‘’ you have too much clothes on’’ I murmured as I blushed hard. He chuckled at my remark before stripping himself as well. I eyed his broad chest and his beautiful abs. He kissed my cheeks before nibbling on my ear. He roamed there for a minute biting and kissing before descending my body and stopping to leave kisses until he separated my legs and kissed my precious flower. I shut my eyes in pleasure as I suppressed moan. ‘’scream for me, scream’’ he commanded before tasting me again. ‘’Garry…oh…yes.’’ I moaned as he darted his tongue in and out of me.

    Jen Grey

  • 13.Chained To Him

    "Well, are you coming or not?" I bit my lip nervously, silently debating what to do. Taking his hand could mean I end up dead in a ditch somewhere or I end up having the night of my life. Not taking it means I stay here, wallowing in self-pity and going home alone, sad and depressed like usual. Take a risk for once Scarlet, the little voice in my head said. Downing the rest of my drink, I took his hand and grabbed my purse. "Where are we going?" He smirked, the ends of his lips curling up slightly. Leaning down he tucked my hair behind my ear, his hot breath fanning against my cheek. "Where's the mystery in knowing?" _________ Scarlet Reynolds is trapped in a toxic relationship with her boyfriend Noah Parker Her life takes a turn though when criminal, Caleb Jackson, comes crashing into her life. A man with a dark past and a ton of secrets. Scarlet can't help but get sucked into this new dangerous world. With her abusive boyfriend Noah not willing to let her go and her feelings for Caleb growing deeper and deeper, how will Scarlet battle off the demons in her past whilst trying to understand her new found feelings Caleb? *** Order of series: 1. Chained To Him 2. Chained To The Mafia - Content contains r**e, a***e and violence


  • 14.Marking Territory

          A Werewolf Novel She was born in the season of death under the layers of hatred. It was said that the moon held nothing in front of her beauty but it was such a shame that she didn't survived. . . Or that's what they think. . . Eva she was born from love and was thrown in the woods in the dead of winter for nature to take her back. But nature had other plans for her. She was the daughter of the strongest being on the earth and was blessed with power's that matched the powers of the moon. The world of the supernaturals considered her dead but she was as alive as the wind. She was the bastard child they thought they got rid of and she was okay with it until he came in front of her staking his claim on her very being. The one The Moon blessed her with. She didn't asked for her blessing. . . She didn't want a mate and him being the one she can't use her powers on only made it worst. He didn't want her because of love he just wanted her for delivering his child, for warming his bed that's how it works in his society but he forgot that she wasn't a part of his world, his twisted society because she had her own world. She knew he was the King but he forgot that she was a self made Queen. ○○○○○○~^~○○○○○○ He wanted her because once a male finds his mate he can't get hard for another female. Warning!!! ~Mature Content~

    Besties Babe

  • 15.Elegantly Rogue

    Blair Carmicheal. A Rogue. Bred, Born and Raised as such, and she was going to live by the values that her family had taught her. But that proved to be harder than she had thought that it would be. After getting involved in something that she shouldn't have, her life gets a lot more complicated than she had expected it to be. The fact that she had no inner wolf made the situation even worse. Alpha Matthew Norman was determined to keep his Mate where he wanted her-and that was in his Pack, as his Luna. But Blair was stubborn. She had proved that to him countless times before. But will he manage to make her fall for him? Or will she do what Rogues do best? And run?

    Kim Werner