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For Laura Eduoard, she wishes of having a home she can call hers, and having kids she can call her own, where as each and every friend of hers are either getting married or are already married.

Being 30 and single, is not the best feature to hold on to, and what's worst is that Laura doesn't seem to even have a boyfriend or a man she can call the love of her life.

It doesn't get easier as in the society Laura lives in, she is seen as one whom chase after rich men, either married or unmarried as with the nature of her job, it makes it easier for such theory. Whereas to Laura, having being offered such opportunity to mix around rich men, only suffices her thoughts of the polygamous nature of men.

Laura doesn't seem to care about it all, having all the things she needs, and being financially stable, even if, she is finding love in a world filled with lust thirsty men, up until her best friend decides to leave her click, by finding a man she is getting married to, but to Laura it isn't just about finding a man, but finding the right man for her.

It gets devastating, being the topic of the town as of her professional life gets mixed in her personal one, with people around her seeing her as nothing but a loose lady, despite being a French woman. Yet, it seems fate may just be pushing Laura to a different turn, as Georgia, who is her best friend and also, a woman with a sanguine nature, gets the wedding of the year as bachelors seem to fill up her wedding, such that Laura may need to find her mr right.

Now, with the bouquet of men at her sight, would Laura be able to finally catch her mr right, rather would the man whom gets intrigued by her be of her liking or complete her thoughts about men. After all, like they do say, opposite attracts.


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Laura’s gaze stays hard, as she stares back at a man whom not only used her but caused her pain which still aches her till date. 

“What are you doing here?” Laura’s words come, as detest cower her tone.

“Can we talk Laura,” Harry speaks, while Laura’s gaze shows her displeasure.

“Oh you do no……


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