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L U N A N A Y E L L E Fantasy

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Fate must be incredibly mischievous. It knocked me so hard that even myself cannot help me rise. It must be entertaining to watch how broken I was. Maybe destiny loved to know how I liked to see the elements of a star that I truly cherished to another.

If I knew back then, would I continue to love the light of the current star who brought me back to life? The one who held me back when I am torn into pieces, fixed me, and shared his sunshine for me to bloom again?

Despite admiring the reflection of his light 'cause I thought it indicates the same. I must be confused.

I am the woman who believed that everything happens for a reason. For me, everything has a purpose. I am Iris Saavedra, rainbow is the meaning of my name, rainbow stands for hope and I hope that I can rewrite the stars.


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