Scarlet's Daughter


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In the pack Blood Moon, nothing ever happens. Nothing unusual, that is until Scarlet Nightingale the healer of the pack starts to tamper in the forbin arts of witchcraft. I'm not saying anything evil, but with the way the Blood Moon pack members react to any change. She might as well have tried summoning the devil himself. Though, she and the packs alpha Orwin, grew up together and have a good friendship. Her actions resulted in banishment and living the rest of her life in fear. Life in exile wasn't easy, in result she had to prepare herself for what was planted inside her. Years past as Scarlet learned to be a mother forgetting the promises she made. Scarlet finally lives a relatively normal life with her daughter Annie, until the rogues reappear and destroys everything in their wake.

The Alpha of the rogues knew them, is there a coincidence? Will Scarlet and Annie survive the attack? Scarlet and Annie surely can't stay in their beloved home; now that the rogues know where they live.Will their dreams of finding a mate come true? Save them from the rogues??


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Chapter 15: Caught

    "I hope you aren't thinking about showing that picture to Barin." I stated crossing my arms over my chest. As much as I want Barin as my own, this isn't the right way to go about things. My wolf even agreed with me, and she's been ignoring me since I've been planning on my trip of leaving. I won't lie gives my wolf and I great sati……