Secrets That Kill


Sylvia Adely Suspense/Thriller

763 reads

Isabel and her friends, Lucinda, Maggie, Veronica and Becca were on a girl’s trip to Hidden Ville town for a staycation when they stumbled upon a cottage after they had a flat tire.
They decide to crush in the Cottage, What they don’t know is that the cottage is haunted with ghosts. No one was supposed to step into the cottage. Everyone who does, dies...
What will be the end of this group of friends who thought that they were on an adventure? The worst part is that, the ghost makes them to expose their secrets?
What will happen to the squad? Who will survive the secrets and the ghosts?
Read and enjoy the bumpy ride of the girls…


Tags: darktragedytwistedbxgmysteryscaryfriendshipsecretssurrender
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"I want us to do something fun this October,"I told my best friend Caren after our Math class.

"What do you suggest?" She asked as we walked to our lockers.

"I have been hearing about this Haunted Forest that is located in the south, let us go there for an adventure. " I told her.



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