A bite from an Alpha King


Anne Paranormal

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*Book One*

“Now little one, can you tell me why my own mate is trying to have me killed?” he asked in a husk and deep voice. He licked his lips as he looked at me.
“Are you not going to answer me?” he asked almost threateningly as he tightened the grip around my throat.
I tried speaking but nothing would come out. I pulled the silver knife from my back pocket and plunged it with all the force I had left in me right into his chest. He gasped as he looked down at the knife in shock. His eyes then turned to me looking almost horrified as I smiled my evil smile.
“Long live my father,” I whispered almost without sound.

Octavia is seeking revenge for her father the late king. She has trained since birth to be a deadly killer by her father, but he was brutally murder by the new king. When Octavia on her nineteenth birthday, finally sees an opening to get back at the king for killing her father she sets out to kill him, but his yellow eyes couldn't be mistaken, and she learns something she would rather have lived without.
Valerio has finally gotten the throne and now has to keep the promise to an old friend who helped him get it. He has to be mated to his daughter. He is not interested in getting a queen by his side, but a promise is a promise but as he arrives at his queen-to-be's place, he finds more than he bargained for.


Tags: adventurealphapossessivedominantpowerfulroyalty/noblelunadramabxg
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