The Red Dragon


JoJo Max Romance

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Sent to live amongst the humans, Charlotte felt severely out of place and misunderstood. Being born a human from two powerful dragons came with a lot of expectation, which her weak nature just couldn’t live up to. Charlotte finds peace as a misfit in her human life, but sits with a heavy secret on her shoulders, which she refuses to tell any of her lost family members.

Dominic, the future King of the Dragon’s has a lot on his plate. He is becoming king in only a handful of weeks and all the festivities are clouded by the looming war with the other magical creatures. All dragons are looking to him to see them through the impending dark ages. His strong heart and his powerful mind wants to find love and a mate, but these always come in unexpected place.

The myth speaks about a red dragon, born of the purest intentions, who will change the face of the lands for the better. As good as this may seem, the magical and even some non-magical do not face change lightly and have set out to destroy dragon-kind in an attempt to kill off this myth.

What will happen when Dominic is faced with Charlotte, an innocent and pure human girl in his kingdom? Will he let his stubbornness overpower his intellect? Will his heart have what it takes to make wise choices?

What secret does Charlotte carry and how will this play into the story of her love with Dominic?


Tags: fatedshifterweredragondramamagical worldrejectedsupernaturaldragonsweak to strongsacrifice
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Author's Note:

Hello Dear Readers!

My heart is full as I write this note, as I so enjoyed writing every chapter of this book. I must say, I do feel somewhat sad that Charlotte and Dominic's journey is over, but boy, what a ride it was!

I so appreciate all the feedback and words of encouragement from all of you throughout the journey……


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