Strength in Darkness


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“What!” he looked between Heather and Kai, ignoring his father’s shocked look. “No. Kai, no. That’s not what this is—”

“You know what? It doesn’t even matter.” She looked around the room for anything that might be hers. Seeing as she was comfortable enough without a shirt on, who knows, maybe she dropped a sweater somewhere. Finding nothing, she had to make a choice. Window or door. Dignity or climb down a tree. “Excuse me,” she pushed past Heather and Darrin.

“Kai! Wait!” Cal jumped up and threw Heather aside and ran down the hall. When he caught up to her, she was halfway to the front door. “Kai, it’s not what it looks like. You have to trust me. They—”

“Trust you? Cal! Why would I trust you? I just woke up in your bedroom with my shirt off! If Alex—” she swallowed her words. Shit. “Cal, whatever it is, it’s done. He doesn’t deserve this. I don’t deserve this.”

“They’re mates, Kai.”


“Sarai and Tyr! They want to be together, Kai. They do this sometimes.”

“Do what?!”

“Well, they, ya know,” he rubbed the back of his neck. “They spend time together.”

Her brows furrowed, “they have sex?”

“No! f**k, Kai, they’re not doing that! They like talk and kiss or whatever.”

“Or whatever? I just woke up with my shirt off!”

“They don’t go further than that!”

“Wait. So you’ve seen it? You sit back and watch them?!”

“Well no, but—”

“Then how would you even know? Oh my god. You’re chaperoning our wolves, Cal. At what point will you stop him from marking her? Huh?” Her voice was getting louder, nearing a shriek as she continued to get angrier. “What would you do if they mated? How would I explain that one? You just…” she started pacing the floor, “you let me walk around not knowing what was going on all the while you knew, you knew, what was going on behind my back!”

“This was only the second time, Kai. It’s not like they’re having a full-fledged affair.”

Darrin and Heather walked down the stairs and near the entry of the house to watch the two argue in the foyer. As confusing as the situation may have been, Heather didn’t seem like she was ready to leave. More like she was willing to pick up the pieces of whatever happened here.

“They’re not having an affair, Kai. They’re f**king mates! It’s not fair for us to do this to them. They want to be together. They want to have something.” He threw his hands in the air while she kept pacing in between her own yelling. “It’s not fair to them that they have to live with the consequences of what we did, Kai. I get it, but I also can sympathize with them. They love one another, Kai. I think we owe it to them to let them have what they have, despite the consequences.”


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