A Goddess for an Alpha


Cora Shy Paranormal

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A child alone in the middle of the woods, unaware of what's happened.
"Where am I?" the little girls asks herself.
Looking around and there's a waterfall not far from where the girl is sitting, but out of the treeline large wolves run up to her and circle her. At first they don't know what to make of the girl, especially a random one in the middle of the woods. She remained sitting there looking at them while they suddenly run back into the forest, but than people walk back out.

"Who are you?" the male asks.

"My name is Kai or at least I think it is," I said with a shakey voice. The other wolves whisper, "She smells funny." "Where did she come from?" "She looks funny..."

The female walked up to her and kneeled down to look her over. She froze for a moment before saying, "Honey she's freezing, but she doesn't seem to be injured. How did you come to be here child?"

"I don't know. I have no memory," the girl said looking down wimpering.


The Mystic Lunar are the largest and oldest pack remaining in The American West. It is said they come from the Original Alpha's, the very first werewolves to be created. Each wolf had a good and a bad side and which every one you nuture is the one to come out strongest.

These wolves are a strong pack, but there is someone lurking in the shadows ready to take down the pack to destroy this girl.

What is she? Human or werewolf? Why was she left with none to care for her?

Maybe a certain Alpha will help with that and feel something after waiting so long for what is his......


Tags: darkforbiddenfamilylunadramabxgmysterywerewolveschildhood crushsuperpower
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Chapter 7 (explicit content +18)

(This chapter has explicit sexual content that should not be read by anyone under 18 years of age. Viewer discretion is advised.)

Will's POV

All through out dinner I was all too aware of every movement she made and every sound that came out of her. Hunter was pacing around in my head like a predator hunting his prey.  When t……


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