Alpha Prince and His Replacement Bride


Jennifer Knight Paranormal

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Mia was tired of being an alpha's daughter and the pack rules of werewolves. She hated how mate bond disallowed them to experience real love and how wolves treated each other based on rank, with no real chance to go beyond that. All ever Mian wanted was to be human. So she stayed away in the human city, hiding her wolf. But little did she know the moon goddess has different plans for her!

When Mia visited her family for her sister Emma's marriage to the most popular and respected Alpha Prince, Ivan, she first thought it would be a week of celebration and fun. She wanted to be there for her sister and then escape back to her world. But little did Mia know that Emma would run away the night before marriage! Not even in her wildest dreams, she had imagined replacing her sister as the bride of the alpha prince to save the honor of her pack she didn't relate, and the royal family she disliked!

Ivan hated Mia, as it reminded him of the betrayal of Emma. He made her living unbearable so that she would run away.

Mia hated herself for giving in to their pleas. She yearned to go back to the human town and find love.

Will she be able to live a life she despises? Will two wolves who hate each other to bones could ever fall in love with each other? Will Ivan ever soften up to Mia after what Emma did to him? Will she be able to change things she disliked about the werewolves, or will she learn to love them for good?

Excited?? Yeah??? Let's jump to the story to find out more.


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Ivan's POV

When I looked at Mia's sleeping face, my heart flickered. She seemed so calm and peaceful for once. Otherwise, she is a job to handle, a very volatile job! 

Mia and I have always fought. We have fought over things that others would not even notice were happening. Perhaps, our eyes were alw……