The Devil's Son My Mate


Jane Anne Paranormal

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Lilly has lived at the Packhouse for years now. She has had no luck finding her mate. When her father goes away on Pack business, the neighboring Trident Pack sees their chance and attacks.

When she comes out of the underground lair, she finds bodies everywhere, but what really catches her eyes is the strange man standing above the body of the Beta. Will a secret of her ancestors tie her to the Angel of Death?

Azazel is the Devil's son and known as the Angel of Death. When he comes to gather the souls of the lost, he finds more than he expected. He finds a woman who makes him feel things he has never felt before. Her touch sends shivers down his spine. Who is this woman, and what does she mean, mate?


Tags: alphacontract marriagebxgbikerdeitywerewolvesmythologypackanother worldsupernatural
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Pack Sweet Pack

The next day I woke up, but Azazel wasn't next to me. I rubbed my eyes as I slipped my feet into the fluffy bunny slippers I had brought from home. 

Today, we are taking Clarissa to visit my pack, and I'm nervous. I want her to pass and get a second chance. As I grabbed some clean clothes out ……


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