Zombie Apocalypse for Kids


Jeff Child Children's Books

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A couple is arguing, but when the zombies attack, they decide to work together.

Jace and Synthia are a normal couple with regular problems. Cynthia gets suspicious when Jace goes to another woman, but their argument will have to wait, because they are being attacked by zombies! The invasion hits the village hard, and the only way out they see, is to hide in a secret tunnel underneath the homes. Other adventures await as they bump into someone else who has discovered the tunnel. Read about this zombie story and a young married couple who helps each other survive.


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Chapter 8: The End Sprint

Chapter 8: The End Sprint

The four survivors sneak back through the backyards, heading into the direction of the hatch to the tunnel. But before they get there, they get confronted by a horde of zombies that just happens to see them.

“Growl!” one of them says, probably meaning, “Over there!”

“Growl growl growl!” another one ……