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Spran and Stanley are brothers. They are weird creatures and they grew up in a dark cave. The other purple monsters live close to them. Everything seems to go well, until they get attacked by a dangerous pig zombie. Stanley disappears, and Spran is left behind with a puzzling question: Did his brother betray him? And where did that filthy pig zombie go? Follow the story of this brave little creature who leaves the cave, talks to a bird, and takes on the challenge with the zombie monster in the depths of the lava caves.


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Chapter 8: United

Chapter 8: United

We searched everywhere. The Underworld was huge, with lavafalls, floating blocks, and even the occasional skeleton or ghast that we saw in the distance. We avoided them completely. Our fight was not with them, no matter how ugly they were.

“Don’t you think we should go home?” Stanley asked.

“No way. You sai……