Alpha's dangerous Mate


Evelyn Obah Fantasy

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Girl Power- Rebirth of The heroine Writing Contest.
Savanna grew up in the slums. She had lost her parents when she was 10 and got taken advantage of by her uncle who had promised her before her parent's grave to take care of her. Her Uncle molested her, took all of her parent's wealth and sold her to s*x slavery. She had gone through hell till she finally learnt how to protect herself. Thirteen years later, She had become strong, powerful and dangerous. She decided to take revenge on her wicked uncle, but out of carelessness, she had lost her life in the process. What would she do when she wakes up and find out that she was still alive?
She suddenly found herself in the body of a girl that's supposed a werewolf. She realized that she was in a werewolf's land and the worst part was that the Alpha thinks that she was his mate.
It's too much for her to take and being someone that has gone through a lot in her previous life, she was wary of people.
How would she react to the Alpha's claim?
Would she accept him or not?
Would she even accept the existence of werewolves?


Tags: fatedkickass heroinebxghumorouskickingwerewolvespackrebirth/rebornsupernaturalstubbornStary Writing Academy III
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Chapter 88


As he made his way back to the pack house, Roderick felt his stomach grumbling persistently as if it was protesting against his decision not to eat. 

He just looked down at his stomach and rubbed it in circles before proceeding to where he was heading to. He wasn't ready to eat any food yet, he just didn't have……


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