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When I first started as Mr. Hayes assistant over two years ago he was happy, sweet, a great boss.
A man who had everything anyone could want. That all changed six months when his wife...
The love of his life left him for another man.

He went from the man that believed in true to love to using woman only for pleasure. He went from happy to dark...sweet to bitter and became so closed off from everything he became a shadow of himself. He was no longer the man that had everything.

He changed but I never realized my life was gonna change too when one day he called me to his office asking me to do something.
He shouldn’t...ask me to do something that I should have said no to.
The day he asked me to pretend to be his lover to get back at his soon to be ex-wife who was rubbing her new relationship in his face.
Why did he choose me when he was surrounded by a woman more beautiful than me... a woman who wanted him in ways I never, well so I thought...he asked me because I was the one his wife disliked from day one.

She never wanted me around...never wanted me to be her husband assistant...she was jealous, believed that I would steal him away, that was never on my mind.

I never seen him in that way or even thought about him in that way. Well so I thought but everything I thought.
I knew changed the day.
I agreed to be my bosses pretend lover.


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