The Royalties


Leen S Fantasy

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Book two in The Vampire King trilogy.

We reached the dungeon to find two guards dead at the door, one of them seemed hexed too.

"What happened here?" Harry asked looking around, his eyes as wide as mine was.

We walked inside and I covered my mouth as I saw the bloodbath that had happened in this room, the doors to Amelia and William's cells were open making my heart race.

Harry took my hand in his intertwining our fingers as he saw my nervous frightened state.

"They've escaped your majesties" Lord Leonardo said looking at the ground.

"How the hell did they escape?" Harry asked looking at the lord who shook his head in confusion.

"Ken came here a while ago and never came back, so I went to check up on what had happened to find this bloodbath" Ashton said and I covered my mouth.

"The kids!" I said wide eyed and Harry vampire lifted me in his arms vampire speeding us to the dining room to find the kids having dinner.

"Mum, dad is everything alright?" Andrea asked seeing our frightened state and taking a deep breath I nodded.

"Everything's fine love, don't worry" I said looking at Harry who shared a knowing glance.

He gave me an assuring nod and I smiled.

We were going to get through this...

We had to.


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Bonus Chapter

“We finally have them locked” Prince William smiled at Amelia who bit her bottom lip wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Finally” she whispered looking him in the eye, Prince Marcel and King Christopher walked into the throne room of the palace of the vampire kingdom, and Prince William glared at the once werewolf king clearly not wanting……