My Best Mate


The Aceann Fantasy

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For Nichole Amberts, Kyle Heith Irvine - the beta's son and her childhood friend was the first man she hopelessly fell for.

Her affection for him is that of an open book and made no effort to hide it. She desperately prayed that he would one day reciprocate her feelings before they would meet each other's mates.

Will she be given a chance or will their predetermined fates catch up before then?


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Chapter 31: Oath

I stopped daydreaming and was now looking at my reflection on the mirror. My sister curled my hair and lifted it to an updo, just enough to touch my shoulders. She then match my makeup with the sophisticated look coming from the light satin wedding gown I am wearing with just ample of beads designed around the bodis and the wrists of my long-sle……