The Dragon's Call


Anne Fantasy

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*Book One*

He wore a golden armor, with a dragon on his chest. He had a sword by his side, his hand resting lightly on the handle. Was he the one who was going to kill me?
“Who are you?” I asked, my voice a bit stronger.
“My apologize princess for interrupting your wedding night.”
The people around him, who was casually roaming through my father’s things, all chuckled at his ‘apology’
“Your husband is…”
He turned to looked at the man beside me.
“Oh, so perhaps I shouldn’t congratulate you but give you my condolence.”
“As if you didn’t know he was dead. You probably ordered it!” I sneered.
The man looked surprised for a second, as if he hadn’t expected me to talk back to him, but I was not some simply little girl. I was a princess! A princess of the North.
“Who are you?” I repeated, as the man took another step closer to me.
“I’m Ashes."

Laelia, the princess of the North, the human kingdom. Her father has arranged for her to be married to protect the humans from the upcoming attack, planned by the dragons. Laelia refuses to be married away to a stranger, but with no place to run and her father as the king, she has no choice but the marry the arrogant Lord Keplin, who only see her as his chance to become a prince.
Ashes, the third son of the dragon king, has been ordered together with his brothers, to travel to the North and kill King Aragon, ending the humans’ rule over the North forever and thereby securing the safety of the dragons in the South. Unfortunately, he had not expected the princess to be so feisty and refusing to bow to anyone, even him.
What will happen, when Ashes bring Laelia back to the South with him? Will the two of them learn to get along or will the hatred for one another destroy everything?


Tags: arranged marriagearrogantkickass heroineprinceprincessdramabxgmagical worldbetrayaldragons
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Book Two: The Dragon's Love

“You don’t know her as I do,” I said. “She is as fierce as the northern wind. She will not bow. Neither will her people.”

The third person I still could not see, that was hiding behind my brothers, shifted uneasily as we spoke of Laelia. Who was he, I wondered.

“She is but one woman. She will not stand in our way.”

“We w……


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