Chronicles of the Last Days


Amelia Smith Fantasy

107 reads

Myril’s world is sinking before her eyes. Foreign ships flood into the harbor and Anamat’s citizens flee across the sea while the governor helps foreign emissaries steal from the city’s guilds.
The guildmaster enlists Myril to help save the Chronicles of Anamat from the pillagers and their local allies. Her old friend Darna returns to the city strangely pregnant – if that’s what it is. She’s also about to become the ruler of Tiadun. Meanwhile Iola, the ambassadress, is determined to fly to the dragons’ realm again, even if it kills her, and the Defenders have more troubles than they can manage.
Will any of them survive when the waters rise again?
This book concludes the Anamat/Dragonsfall series.


Tags: seriousstraight
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List of Names and Places

Characters and place names from the Anamat/Dragonsfall series

Main characters:





Priestesses of Ara’s Landing

The Aralel, Nalani, head of the temple of Ara’s Landing

Lenasa, daughter of the prince of Galamun

Savasa from the ruling family of Onarun

Ganie, a former scrap……


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