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This is a story to appeal to the depravity of our deepest, darkest desires. It is meant to fulfill the same desires that we seek when we roleplay, fantasize or even watch certain (dirty) videos or movies. This story could serve even as a script in the bedroom for some of you should you wish it. Consider yourself warned of (very) explicit content.

This is my first story… ever. Please be kind and understanding. I am open to constructive criticism. I will upload either every day or every other day.

In this story, there is (in no particular order): step fantasy, DDLG, dominance, school girl fantasy, orgasm denial, oral sex, threesome, spanking, gangbang, double penetration, anal, bondage, CMNF, m**********n, humiliation play.

Synopsis: Kendall has a very normal life for a senior in high school. She lives in a world of libertinism much like everyone else in the 21st century. One day, her best friend challenges her to a naughty contest. Little did she know that it would trigger a sequence of events that would drag her into the obscenest of rabbit holes.


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Chapter 32

Four months later.

Kendall arrived at work right on time. It was Tuesday, the best day of the week since she didn’t have any classes today, she could spend her entire day servicing the handsome men of this office. Right after she dropped her purse on her desk, she received a text from Tina. It was a meme making fun of the incest rat……