The Don's Unexpected Princess.


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Princess Natalie Atonal was a long way from the Kingdom of Esmond. Wearied by her father- The King's- harsh rule, she escaped her kingdom in the midst of the night with the need to gain some sense of control and security over her own life.

With a fake name and some help from a friend or two, Princess Natalie was concealed in the most unlikely of places for a member of the royal family. 'Brazies' was an establishment tucked away in the small town of 'Limestead' where women danced for the viewing pleasure of the men that would frequente there.

Princess Natalie, or Rose as her stage name went, captured the attention of many men but she remained untouched and socialized with none besides her colleagues.

King Rupert Atonal II did a great injustice to a small but daring gang, known as 'The Domartels of the Black Village', which was not taken lightly. Revenge needed to be sought.

Marco Moriotto. That name exuded danger and violence wherever it was heard. Marco Moriotto was the Don of the most feared mafia group. With his striking, hardened good looks did not go unnoticed by women neither did it miss the envy of men.

Detaining the Don's beloved sister, The Domartels will not release her unless the Don tracks down the runaway Princess in exchange for his sister.

What happens when these two polar-opposites collide? Will the simmering desire and unmistakable attraction between the hardened Don and the innocent Princess trump all else or will there be wounds too deep to heal from the betrayal?


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In which a lesson is thought.

Marco's POV.

The water was cooler than my preferred shower temperature but, after my little run in with Natalie's Neely experienced mouth, a cold shower was exactly what I needed. Even after several hours after I had got myself of , I was not satiated. My skin craved to rub against hers. My body urging me, forcing me, begg……


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