Twist of Destiny


Ray Franklin Suspense/Thriller

594 reads

Wale Johnson is a young handsome man who was born into abject poverty. Tired of his miserable life in the village, he decides to relocate to the city. Unfortunately, he had an accident the first day he gets to the city. He became unconscious and he is taken to the hospital by Chief Williams who is the man that hit him with his car.

When Wale regains consciousness at the hospital, he realizes that he has lost his memory and couldn't remember who he is or where he comes from. Chief Williams who is a very wealthy kind-hearted man, decides to take him to his house to live with him till he regains his memory.

Wale gets to Chief Williams's mansion and he is amazed by its beauty. Knowing poverty all his life, he feels the mansion is paradise on earth. Chief Williams has two beautiful daughters. The elder daughter Eva is aggressive, self-centered, and ruthless while Venus the younger one is gentle, loving, and gracious.

Eva starts a whirlwind romance with Wale that was on the brink of consuming him while Venus was in Canada for her studies. Venus eventually comes back home after her studies and Wale falls hopelessly in love with her.

Eva finds out that Wale and her sister are in love. Will the ruthless Eva let him go and leave him for her sister? The battle line is drawn as one person will probably die while someone's life is about to change forever!


Tags: darktwistedstraightbrilliantlucky dogmale leadrealistic earthpoor to rich
Latest Updated
Chapter 233


A couple of months after Wale and Venus visited his parents in the village, he traveled back to the village and brought all of them back to Lagos to live in his mansion.

They were all stunned when they saw his huge white mansion with a spacious well-furnished living room wi……


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