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<b>A couple in danger, a quest for vengeance and protection</b> <br>
When Vicente and Bethany is get married, everything seems peachy. Vicente continues his job as a cobbler, and the villagers accept Bethany into their circles. But suddenly, a fire monster attacks their town and burns down their house. Desperate for protection and a little bit for revenge, the two decide to go against the popular opinion and set out on a quest to kill the blaze once and for all. Find out more about their adventures by reading this dramatic, thrilling story.


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Chapter 8: A New Future

Chapter 8: A New Future

Vicente became a little emotional when he saw that his beloved spouse had fallen and lost consciousness. He picked up the fire monster’s head and shoved it into the back of his shirt, hoping that it would hold. By now, the head wasn’t hot anymore, and it didn’t harm him in any way.

Then he picked up his wif……