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Veer a very cruel mafia, he is the real definition of fear, he owned many brothels, he has his own personal w****s, everyone fears him because he is the devil, no one never dares to look into his dead eye. He f****d women like a horse and threw them into brothel like trash. He is the darkness in light, he is the devil of your nightmares, he has every habit of smoking, drinking, and whatnot. he left his parents house at a very young age, but he loved his mom so much. one more thing he never forgives anyone who betrays him breaks his trust and hurt his mom.

Then what happened why his parents married him to a eighteen-year-old girl and why he married her. How he made her pregnant and how karma bit him like a b***h. How he took care of his two angels and how he met his innocent wife again.


Tags: darkpossessiveage gapforcedarranged marriagedominantmafiatwistedbxgabuse
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I am sitting on the bed and looking at the wedding video of mine. Six months passed and now I am looking like a balloon. I didn't try to contact my family, I don't know why but I was worried about my babies. I don't trust Alexander, once he found out who I am, he won't hesitate before killing me with kids.

I am carrying his kids inside m……


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