The Truth Berries


the wanderer Suspense/Thriller

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His name's Miguel Romero.He was a dedicated man married to a beautiful woman and to a demanding job. He's been in the service for quite some time and spent most of his life in solving heinous crimes that no ordinary investigators could handle. Everyday of his married life,he would wake up to an early morning call and would often go home very late at night which cost him his marriage later on. And just when he was ready to say quit, something terrible happened.
A mysterious package from an unknown man from Egypt came and turned his life upside-down. His wife got murdered and he was on the run for he was accused of the dreadful crime.
Using his set of skills and wits, he must outplay all the men pursuing him and discover an ancient secret surrounding the mysterious package and the death of her wife. Soon, he shall meet his wife's friend Helen and together, they shall embark on an adventure through three countries and unfold a conspiracy behind the lies and his wife's death. All of it in search for a seemingly elusive truth.


Tags: adventuremurderbravepolicetragedybxgmysterydetectiverealistic earthsecretsStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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