Andrei's Human Mate


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I am Andrei Valvick the son of Skylar, Elijah, and Aiden Valvick.
I am just trying to get through the second semester of High school so I can finally go to live in Hell. My twin sister and I are the only ones in the family that can visit Hell or choose to live there, if we want to. I feel like I belong in Hell as my mind is one dark place. I am a mixture of Demon and werewolf, but I am about 95% Demon. I have no wolf unlike my twin sister.
But what happens when Andrei stumbles upon his mate and finds that his fated one is a human? Andrei will have to jump through hoops to get his mate to understand his world and Andrei will have to make the choice of either choosing Hell or his mate. What will he end up choosing? Will he end up with his mate, or will his mate run away from Andrei?

Andrei's Human Mate: Book 3 of the Demon Queen series. In order to get some of the characters you might want to read some of Two Twins and One damaged mate.

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Tags: shiftermatedominantbxbwerewolvesvampiremale leadhighschoolanother worldsupernatural
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Chapter 7

-Andrei P.O.V.- 

“I will see you at 8 tonight, right?” I ask my mate as he blushes while grabbing his book-bag. 

He looks over to me and I smile causing him to squirm. Gah, seeing him squirming like that causes my d**k to throb and my heart to thumb. “Yes.” He almost squeaks out as he opens up the car door and quickly climb……


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