An Alpha's Favor


Anne Paranormal

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*Book Eight*
Recommended to first read: A Bite From An Alpha King, A Beta's Undying Love, A Second Chance Mate, A Luna's Broken Heart, An Alpha's Choice, An Alpha's Dark Secret and A Luna's Power

What was that smell?
Something … musky or like spices.
It had my head spinning and for a moment it was like I couldn’t focus on anything else. I just had to find the source of it. I had never tried scenting anything like this before, and then a small gap formed in the big crowed and my heart started to beat faster, while I felt strangely hot all over. My skin suddenly itching from my clothes, and I wanted to whimper at the hungry look this magnificent male was shooting me with his yellow eyes.
“So, this is the famous Angela,” he said.
His deep and warm voice went straight to my core making it tighten with need, and it was like he knew what was going on with me.
Oh f*ck me …

Angela has escaped the evil claws of her father, and now hopes to be able to stay far away from him, but she is no fool and knows he is coming for her, using her for his evil plans to take down the king. Her life feels so messy, and it doesn't help the cruel Hunter is her mate and wants to take her away from her brother.
Hunter has never thought his life missed anything, but then he learns something world shattering, and is suddenly on the lookout for a mate and someone who can give him an heir, he just didn't expect to find his real mate and even ends up pulling his oldest friend into his plans.
Elijah is trying to escape his old life, the life he had in England. He is trying to erase the past by pretending to be the good guy, but then Hunter suddenly pulls him into his world again ... and he can't escape, not now ... not after meeting Angela.


Tags: alphapossessivefateddominantpowerfullunadramawerewolvescruelpolygamy
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Chapter 98: No More Resting


“Can someone get this thing away from me?!” I asked.

That stupid cat was worse than Elijah and Angela. Those two had been f*cking cuddling me and wrapping me in blankets and whatnot for three days now, and the damn beast wouldn’t leave me alone either, constantly laying on me and purring and demanding that I pet her, and if ……


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