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©©The story features mature content of sexual intimacies and some violence. The story doesn't support r**e©©

"Angel! Angel! What's wrong?" she shouted but the answer was only a sob.

After a long sobs, she said finally," Alicia, I am pregnant."

Alicia couldn't believe what her sister had
just told her. That was just insane.

She thought her sister might do something to herself. So, she calmed her down first and assured her that she would be coming to visit her next day.

But that next day, never came in her life. Her sister was found hanging in the fan in dorm, the next day.

But Alicia clearly believed that it wasn't the one.
Her sister wasn't someone who would commit suicide for not studying. It was something else. Her falling in love with Zaiden Rodiguez, her pregnancy and her suicide were all related.

So, she sets off to get a revenge for her sister's death and her father's accident. But is the truth always what we see or there is something deep in there we never got to see?
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Chapter 8 || Kiss You

**Zaiden’s POV**

“You’re useless. You’re completely useless to me. I wish you never existed in this world. You are the greatest mistake of my life Zaiden,” my dad’s voice echoes on my mind when she says that.

“What did you say? What the hell did you say just now?” I shout at her with the tremendously horrible voice.<……