The Gemstone Twins


Gabby Seiler LGBT+

2635 reads

Emerald and Sapphire Gemstone are identical twins who discover on their eighteenth birthday not only were they lied to about who they were but who they have been living with their entire lives! As it turns out they both are werewolves forced into a world of magic and shape-shifting after growing up believing their parents were dead and they were raised by "Uncle Timothy" but now they know the truth.
Their parents are the King Alpha and Queen Luna who had hidden the two of them in amongst the humans with a distance cousin of their Mothers all in the name of protection.
Now they must navigate a world of wolves and the fact they are mated to the Alpha and Beta of their new pack.
Can they survive through the trials that lay ahead once the world discovers the Gemstone twins are not only alive but powerful?
Read on to find out!


Tags: alphalove-trianglekickass heroinepowerfulbisexualmoon goddnesswerewolvesmagical worldsuperpowersupernatural
Latest Updated
Chapter 60:

Chapter 60:

(Third person POV)

It has been ten years since that fateful day when the best Alpha King ever to reign had passed away but on this day people all over in every pack within the entire world cried for a different reason. Sapphire Silver Gemstone had fallen ill and passed away very quickly. Within t……


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