Night of the Living Cake Monsters


J.A. Hernandez Suspense/Thriller

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When did baking become so deadly?
Lillian Richardson and her big orange tabby cat, Mr. Kennedy Cuddlesworth, get more than a sweet slice of bliss after baking a cake from a recipe in a magazine. Never ones to back down or give ground to oozing nightmares, Lily and Mr. Kennedy Cuddlesworth take up the whisk and claw to defend their home and neighbors from a chocolatey demise.
A short 50s style Retro Creature Feature spilling over with cooking puns and horrific holiday cheer. Grab some popcorn, throw on your 3D glasses, and travel back to a time with drive-in theaters, chunky rollerskates, and a monstrous creature on every block.


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Episode Seven

Episode Seven

All is Swell in Endswell

"And a parsnip in a pear tree!" Little Harry grinned, taking a bow.

"Partridge! A partridge in a pear tree! Dummy!" Darling Vicky bopped Little Harry on the top of the head.

Lily sat with her husband, Charlie, on the sofa. They clapped their hands together and whistled at the beautiful C……


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