Bittersweet Dance of Love


Lady Jane Romance

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Erotic fiction! In the heart of Southern Namibia
Young love denied once, but what will be will be!
32-year-old Merwe van Greunin, wealthy farmer and bachelor discovers the love of his life next to the crushed car between dust and sand. He realized that if she dies, life will have no meaning to him.
All his life he only wanted her, but a van Gruenin was not good enough for her and
according to him she was everybody’s girl. Fate leads him to be her only protector after she got discharge from hospital with amnesia.

Merilyn Brandos lost her only “family” in the car accident as well as her memory. She finds herself alone and lost in the care of a man she feels undeniably drawn to but finds his antagonism against her confusing.
She struggles to accept the loss of her memory, the memory which stands between their past and what he needs from her now. The remembrance of the love that she has thrown away and her will to proof to Merwe that she was not everybody’s girl as he believed, might be her saving grace.
The yearly Koës Pan Rally, in the heart of Southern Namibia proof to be very revealing on matters from all sides. Merwe remains a threat to those who seek Marilyn’s inheritance but his persistence to protect her knows no boundaries. Overwhelmed by the excitement of the yearly Koës Pan Rally, nobody could foresee the fatality of the gunshot


Tags: adventurepossessivesexsecond chanceconfidentsportydramagxgmale leadsmall town
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Good lord! How am I going to resist her? Merwe thinks by himself, still smelling her flowery nearness. He
feels weary, remembering her soft curves and small breasts leaning against him, and instinctively his body reacts. 

    With an angry snarl, he walks briskly out of the house to park the car i……


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