The Wolf Pup That Lived (Complete First Book)


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Alyra is the first born mystical wolf over 10,000 thousand years. She possess skills unlike any werewolf, and also becomes a contract killer in the human world with a few twist and turns along the way.

Her journey starts in Grande Prairie Alberta Canda and leads her to Tahoe to a little village called "Incline village", where a wolf pack called "The Moon Claw Pack" is awaiting her arrival.

Should she except her fate being with her potential mate and living a life alone and in despair. Or take on the challenge of being mated with her chosen mates, and rule as a Queen of all werewolves. In doing so completing the werewolf cycle with her new breed of werewolves she will have.

Her powers will affect the human world just as much as the werewolf, can she find enough courage to balance life itself for both human and werewolf.


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