Visions - The Cursed Angels Part 1


Amanda J Evans YA&Teenfiction

75 reads

Two cursed angels, one unknowing witch, and a secret that could destroy them all

Cursed from birth, the only thing that can save Jonathan and Flynn is a witch. It would be easy if Jonathan didn’t keep killing every witch they came across. Trapped to spend eternity inside the body of a dark angel Flynn wants nothing more than to allow his true nature to show. Jonathan, on the other hand, is quite content trapped inside the body of a light angel torturing humans and angels alike.

Seventeen-year-old Clara wishes she had magic like her grandmother but unfortunately the gene skipped her. When she starts having visions, she knows something is wrong. As the visions grow stronger and family secrets are revealed, Clara begins to regret her wish. With her life in danger, she must learn to harness the power deep within her whilst remaining hidden from the magical world.

Can Clara learn all she needs to before it’s too later? Will Flynn finally find a witch who can release him from his curse?

Sometimes the truth is better left hidden

Find out in the new paranormal romance series from award-winning author Amanda J Evans perfect for fans of the Fallen Series by Lauren Kate.


Tags: cursebxgkickingmysterybetrayalenemies to loverssecretswitchcraftschoollonely
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I couldn't believe what Grandma had said. How could she? After all we'd been through over the past couple of weeks, her teaching me magic, her supporting me as I found my strengths and weaknesses. How could she even suggest binding my magic again. "No," I shouted as I pushed my chair back and stood from the table. "I won't give you permission. I……


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