The treasures of SANUALI


Anne Fantasy

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Swamy thinks she is an ordinary girl, a student of creative writing who has been blessed with the art to bring her imagination into life through words, plots, and presentation, she had been living a normal life—having outings with friends and dates with boyfriends, until the day she went to attend the burial of her cousin, Rustom.

Swamy realized that carving life out of imagination wasn’t her only destiny. Instead, she had been born to accomplish bigger deeds. She was a saviour.

Civilization is going to be destroyed if Swamy doesn’t do something. Desis, the evil wizard, who had been turned into a jinxed bat by Sanuali centuries back, was to regain his power. Once powerful, he was determined to spread evil in every fibre of the universe and the human civilization was on his next target.

A Swastika amulet is needed by Desis to regain his lost power while using the same, he could be destroyed. Swamy realized, she had a treasure awaiting including the amulet, but it was too late.

A hunt has begun by the evils and the defenders. Would Swamy be able to save her and the sorcerer’s world by finding the amulet before Desis could?


‘Follow the pattern of the universe. A gift is waiting for you!’ The wind howled, making her shudder. Swamy stepped away from the coffin terrified and sweating. She looked around to find people in their ordinary parlance, mourning over the loss of a young gem unaware of anything that had happened to her. Only a pair of sapphire eyes were looking at her intently as if aware of what had just happened. She stared back for a couple of minutes, but then averted her eyes to the ground, looking at the corpse of her cousin, Rustom.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationwitch/wizardmysterysmall townsword-and-sorcerymagical worldsupernaturalweak to strongsassystubborn
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 Her voice was husky, laced with lust, and need for…him. The girl had gotten rid of all her clothes except the red undies and a deep moron spaghetti. The wet sweatshirt laid near the bed while the soaked-up jeans hung up on the window post. 



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