Revenge : His Mysterious Werecat


Christina McQueary Fantasy

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Book 1 of the Jungle Series
Alana Jessup was born as a werewolf. However, she is one of the rare exceptions to normal werewolves, because she is born with a birth defect on her heart. Because of this defect, she grows up weak and sickly.
When she reaches the age of 18, she learns that their pack's new Alpha is her mate. She fully expects him to reject her, but he surprises her by accepting her. However, her happiness is short lived.
Unknown to Alpha Kyle, Alana undergoes a rebirth at the hands of the Moon Goddess, but she doesn't come back as a werewolf. She is reborn with a secret mission given to her by the Moon Goddess.


Tags: murderself-improvedwerecatbxgwerewolvespackbetrayaldisappearancerebirth/reborn
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