Two twins and One damaged mate


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"Will you c*m for us, little one?" I throw my head moaning at the tone my mates are using.
"Beg for it." I am about to lose my mind.
"Please, Elijah. Aiden. Please." I beg them to let me find my release.

Skylar used to have a normal live even though her parents died when she was young, but then everything changed the moment she turned 13. 5 years of wanting to escape the hell she lives every day... and then finally she gets the chance. Who knew that she would end running to a pack that had her two mates there. Who knew that she would be mated to Twins. Will she let go of her past trauma to let her mate's love her? Will she be able to handle her true self once she starts to find herself?
Elijah and Aiden want nothing more then to love their mate with everything in them. The bothers have always been close since they are twins, so the fact that they share a mate is exciting to them. They just want to help her with finding herself.

This is the second book of the Demon Queen series. **COMPLETE**


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Andrei's Human Mate

-Andrei P.O.V.- 

“Wake yo ass up!” I hear my twin sister yell as she is banging on my door. 

“I’M UP!” I yell back as I groan. 

Ugh, I hate waking up this early in the morning just for school. I soon drag my a*s out of bed because if I don’t then my sister will bust down my door and drag my a*s out of bed. She ha……


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