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As time passes I wander throughout my school, never really feeling like I fit in there, always waiting for our next time to move to a new city, starting all over again.

This time everything is different, I'll turn 18 in a couple of months and a whole world I believed to be in fairy tales turns out to be real. My parents always hid the truth for me, but now it's my time!

Mary is a student in high school, she never fitted in anywhere, but when she moves and starts at a brand new high she learns about a whole new world, full of supernatural beings, finally she feels like she belongs somewhere. Watch her as she meets new creatures, finds love and finally finds out why she felt so out of place. A fight is coming, will this prophecy come true? Will she make the decision her heart tells her to do? Read on and find out Mary her story!

Copyright ©️ Deborah D.
All rights reserved.

This story is signed and published on Dreame and Dreame alone.


Tags: alphafatedkickass heroinepowerfulbravelunabxgmysterywerewolveshighschoolStary Writing Academy III
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Chapter 38 - First training

*Mary’s POV*

My mother left and Luna Black and I continue to roam the pack grounds, however she told me to clear my mind, easier said then done. We walk until we reach stairs, made of stone within a hill, I look at it in awe but also a bit freaked out since it was going up quite far. “Uhm, Esther? Where are we going?” I decided it w……


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