The Wolf Princess and Her 5 Mates


Addie Hayes Paranormal

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"How many mates do you have, Princess?" Kia asks.
I look over at her in confusion, "What do you mean? I only have Ace and his vampire Ry." 
"Goddess' have a mate of every creature." Kia says, making Ace hiss in protection and possessiveness.
I grab his face and kiss his cheek, "Calm love." I turn towards Kia, " That's not my case."
"That's everyone's case, to have your full powers unlocked you have to accept them all." Lana says. 

What are they talking about? Mother?
'Its true my daughter, you will have a witch mate, vampire mate, werewolf mate and fairy mate.' 

What how could you not tell me? I have to find them all before facing the Werewolf King. How could you leave that out and didn't I accept the rejection of my werewolf mate already?


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