The Vampire's Servant


Rory McCauley-Hayman Paranormal

311421 reads

(Second book in the T wisted Design Series)

For the last fifteen years, Victor Nightshade has been searching for his wayward childe, Paul Springer. Springer stole millions from him, then disappeared. The night finally arrives when Victor locates Springer, but he finds out something even worse. Springer has been feeding off of a minor for the last ten years. Victor vows to right this wrong and ensure that the girl is safe again. In doing so, he finds something that surprises even the most ancient of vampires.

Echo Gale has been feeding vampires for over half her life. Told by her parents that she's evil, Echo has lived a life of servitude for her family. Though her siblings love her, there wasn't much they could do to go again st their parents. In stead, they did everything they could to make things easier and always told her how much they loved her to make up for their parents.

When Victor finds Echo, a chain of events begins that creates a bond neither thought possible. An in stant connection neither one was prepared for.

(This book contains polyamory)


Tags: polyamoryfriends to loverscursebxgbxbwerewolvesvampiresupernature earthself discovernaive
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