The Gold Queen (Prequel)

StephanieLight Paranormal

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Before there was an Ivory Queen, the Gold Queen sat on the throne...

Born the sole heir to the Sol De Oro throne, Sofia is determined to lead her Kingdom of wolves, even if it meant giving up her mate and marrying a prince instead.

Mateo wanted out of pack life but when he discovers that the stubborn future Queen is none other than his mate, he finds it hard to resist her golden eyes.

Will he fight for his Gold Queen or will the greater forces at play keep them apart?

Edited by Tanina Alvaro


Tags: alphaopposites attractmateroyalty/noblelunaqueentragedybxgwerewolvespackYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest ⅡRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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Feb 29, 2000


 “I have to get it out!” He snarls, pulling the scalpel out and plunging it into my belly again. “Es un demonio! Un demonio! {It’s a demon! A demon!}


As I feel the blade about to pierce into my stomach for the third time, a funny thought enters my mind.