Demon Seed: Ravished By Satan & His Hellish Beasts


Deborah Cockram Steamy Stories

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It seemed like a good deal at the time – but now, in the middle of the night, alone in my room I'm not so sure. Satan himself – his black, charred, smoking skin rough to the touch – and two of his most brutal demons are here, stripping me naked, controlling me, playing with my body, and I know, before the night is over, they will r****h my every orifice, make me beg for relief, and there's not a thing I can do to stop them...


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Chapter 3

“When did you wake, Sharon?”

“At 6 this morning,” I answer.

“On you own or with an alarm.”

“On my own. I always wake on my own, without the alarm sounding, when they visit.”

“Describe the condition of your bed, describe how you found  yourself, when you woke.”

“I don't understand.” Of course, I did understand, but I……


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