Possession ( Book One of the Accalia Series)


Cortney T Paranormal

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Jasmine White's life was wonderful up until the day her parents died protecting her and her best friend from rouges. Her alpha lowered her status to the runt of the pack, forcing her to live alone by the same woods her parents were killed.

Soon tragedy strikes after she finds that she is mated to the Alphas son Oliver,. After a rejection, he causing injuries not only emotionally but physically as well.

It is said however, that one mans trash is another mans treasure but what happens when Oliver doesn't plan on letting her go?

Not to mention the prophecy that has been surrounding Jasmine since the day she was born.

Dont presume this book is like the rest. Just when you think your about to guess what happens, you will get the shock of your life each time!

Enemies lurk from in and out. Danger seems to creep on every corner.
Will she overcome and accept her fate?
I guess you will have to just read to find out.

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