The Moonlight Daughters

Rain Jay Laban Fantasy

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Grace Joy is a girl who is no ordinary, unlike any other girl. As she tries to be normal, she keeps her extraordinary secrets to the people she knew. But when she entered Horizon Reached University, she found out that not only she possesses such secret. As she enters college, she will face the dangers that are prepared by fate that she had never experienced in her previous years.

Can she keep her secret from the people around her?


Tags: adventurefamilyshifterbraveversatilebxghumorouslightheartedsupernaturalgorgeousYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest ⅡStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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It was lunchtime, Grace Joy was at the canteen. She was alone at a table. She hasn't eaten her lunch yet. The plate filled with a cup of rice and a little scoop of adobo was just there on her table. She didn't touch the food yet. She was so concentrated on the novel she was reading that she forgot to eat.


Mr. Tony Alhibing an……