Bonds of Another Kind


jojo9823 Paranormal

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Jack has scoured the planet for fifteen years, searching. Searching for everything. His mate, his kidnapped nephews, even just peace. Instead, he found war, destruction, and death all around. In his fight to help as many people as he could, he never made it back home. Too much grief. Too many memories from the night that changed everything.

After being sent home from the Alphas Callum and Kaiya, Jack knew he would regret not listening to his future King and Queen when they take their rightful place in their world.

The moment he rolled back into town, he found her. His mate. Walking out of a gas station with...his nephews? The resemblance was uncanny, how much the older boy looked exactly like his own brother, and how the younger looked like Jack's sister-in-law.

Anya's life changed the moment she came home to her brother parked in front of her house with two babies that needed a temporary home until their families were found. Fourteen years later, Anya, Brandon, and Toby find themselves in a whole new world when Jack brings them to his home.


Tags: alphadarkpossessivemategoodgirlindependentsingle mothertwistedbxgsmall town
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Chapter 72 pt 2



“Okay, now don’t give mom a lot of crap, okay?” he rocked Amara in his arms while walking into the pack house. He wasn’t interested in eating right now. He needed as much cuddle time with his baby sister as he could get before he had to leave. He had no idea how long it would be before he got to see her again, so he w……


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