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"Would you like a glass of water?" Hania inquired politely with a worrying faint smile and I simply nodded accepting the water with my right hand, appreciating the warmth of her kind gesture.

She had explained to me every appalling detail about how they found me up until now and how I only regained consciousness a month ago from the horrific injuries that still showed on parts of my scared body. I wrenched painfully when I tried to move my left hand that still hurt terribly from the incident I hope the pain doesn't stay for a very long time. "are you okay Ahlam?" Hania asked worrying "would you like me to get anything for you for the pain?" "no, it is okay Hania, l only took some painkillers a  while ago" I responded sadly."

Lovingly, she informed me "You are part of our family now Ahlam and we're going to be here for you always" she said while reaching out for my now empty glass that I placed on the small round glass table by the purple lounger I was seated on.
I looked up at her with the highest rank of gratitude thanking Allah for placing me in a wonderful loving family Masha'Allah (God has willed it).

"Now sleep, you need to nap... Oh! By the way" she chirped happily "we have a guest arriving home tomorrow, who has been away for six years and we have so much to do" she notified me, studying my reaction carefully. I raised my brow in confusion but she just smiled and I didn't ask her anything further.

"It's a guy if you are wondering" she responded the question running on my mind and my hands began to tremble with fear, it reminded me of all that occurred


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Chapter 100 Kamran and Hania

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“Why do you keep thinking and saying you’re so scared of losing me?” she repeated.

I couldn’t speak. I was experiencing the expression; the cat got my tongue. I became quiet and unresponsiv……