The Duty of an Alpha (Book 2)


J.D. Thomas Fantasy

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SEQUEL to The Strength Of A Luna
“Arden…” Roman called out, his voice sounded strangled, but so smooth at the same time.

I untangled myself from the other two, hoping to get a huge hug from my best friend, but the second they released me, I was overwhelmed with the strongest smell. I couldn’t even describe what the scent was, but it made me feel like I was sitting on a porch watching a summer sunset.
I turned to face Roman, and saw him standing still as a statue right next to his car, his face a mixture of horror and fear.

"MATE!!" Fae screamed in my head. "Jaxon and Roman are our second chance!"

I could feel her excitement, but I couldn’t move. Roman and I stood there staring at each other for what felt like forever, both not sure how to proceed.
I knew his emotions were from never thinking he would have another mate, and fear of losing another mate the way he lost Alice. There was nothing wrong with his hesitation, but I couldn’t figure out where mine was coming from. Roman was my best friend, and I had easily shared everything with him, but I was frozen.

“W-we are Mates.” Roman nearly whispered.

“Yes… we are.”

Arden wasn't expecting to ever find a second chance mate, especially in her best friend, Roman.
But having just taken over as Alpha of her pack, what were their options?
Roman ran Silver Creek Pack and Arden was in charge of Ash River Pack (formerly Dark Woods).

What happens when two Alpha's are second-chance Mates? How do they decide what to put first; Their happiness, or Their Packs?


Tags: alphasecond chancefriends to loverskickass heroinelunadramabxgmysteryfemale leadpackStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
Latest Updated

I wanted to apologize for the lack of updates on this story. 

My life has been absolute chaos the last month and a half, which has made taking the time to sit and write out a few chapters very low on the priority list. 

I completely understand that, as readers, it is very frustrating to get into a book ……


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